Hurricane Sandy

Some of you, probably most, have heard by now about the hurricane that already caused big havoc in the Caribbean is now approaching the east coast of the US. It has been given the lovely name ‘Sandy’ (why do I always think of Grease | Olivia Newton-John | John Travolta when I see this name?!). Coincidentally at almost the exact same time that hurricane Irene came down on us last year. I thought I would write a quick note for our friends that we are alright, so far. We have prepared for the hurricane as best as we know and now all we can do is wait. And while we still have power, I thought I would give you an update.

**** UPDATE no. 1  to this blogpost ****

It is now 6.50 pm and the wind is howling around our house. Making it tremble in the gusts. We have also experienced our first, brief power outage.

*** UPDATE no. 2

We have gotten so (!) lucky! At least so far. You never know if there are going to be more floodings due to the rain resulting in rising rivers. But after that one power outage we experienced we did not have another. We still have power and gas. But no internet. But other areas have been hit hard. You have probably seen it, but since our cable connection its dead, we have not seen any updates or pictures. Hope everybody stays safe!

Two ‘once in a lifetime storms’ in two years? Aren’t we lucky?! Well, in a way we are, because we are not living on the coast, but a little inland. Further inland it might also get nasty, due to cold front pushing in from the north west. Which is basically the reason hurricane Sandy is so big. According to an email just received from our power and gas provider this could ‘become the worst storm to hit the Northeast in 100 years’. Large areas, among them the places where we usually go windsurfing, along the New Jersey shore have been closed e.g. State Parks and beaches and/or residents and vacationers have even been evacuated. A lot of schools, townships and companies, among them BASF, have decided not to open today and/or tomorrow for safety reasons. In our area not so much because of the inclement weather during the storm, but more as a precaution for the expected floodings and power and gas outages that most likely will follow hurricane Sandy and will make it hazardous to be on the roads.

Up to now we really have had only nasty weather. Pretty cool, very wet, quite a bit of rain and windier than usual. But if you look at what is going on at the coast, it is a totally different story. High winds, high waves crashing on the beach and/or boardwalks. Just two weeks ago we were vacationing at the Outer Banks, NC and they, once again, got hit really hard. I guess we were lucky in our timing. No photos from me. But a photographer friend of mine, Lisa Bonowicz, lives a lot closer to the coast and has already witnessed some damages, the worst is yet to come though. She has got photos on her blog, so you might want to check it out. And here are some more pictures from

Hurricane Sandy is forecasted to make landfall as a hurricane category 1 in southern New Jersey around 6 pm tonight, then becoming a tropical storm traveling on west-north-west past Philadelphia/Baltimore before heading north to Canada. Here is the link to the map below where you can follow hurricane Sandy’s path of destruction.

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14 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy”

  1. I’m glad to hear you are o.k. I remembered as soon as I saw your tweet that you lived in NC (or at least I think you do), but I’m happy to know you’re more inland. I hope the rest of your week goes better and that the flooding goes away soon. Take Care!

    • Thanks, Jamie. It is actually NJ, which will hopefully get hit not quite as bad as NC. We are having howling winds now though…

    • Hier ist soweit alles klar – hat Du ja wahrscheinlich inzwischen gelesen – nur leider kein Internet. Und dass uns als Internet-Junkies 😉

  2. Waking up this morning and seeing the news of all damages and what’s going on…I knew I had to come and read your blog post today, because I hadn’t gotten to it yesterday. It’s crazy what Mother Nature has in store for us sometimes. Stay safe!
    from Blogging Buddies


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