Inktober 2018 – week #1

Hello, and happy weekend!

Hi Guys,

Those of you following my illustration/painting account on Instagram (OceandreamIllustration) know by now that Inktober 2018 is up and running full steam ahead.

Should there be anyone who doesn’t know: Inktober was started in 2009 by illustrator Jake Parker as a tool to practice ink drawings. Inktober has its own website, (Inktober), but really you can find lots and lots of awesome ink drawings all over social media. There is an official Inktober list with 31 prompts, but there’s also a ton of lists created by other artists around different topics and such. Oh, and by the way, there is not only Inktober, but also Drawtober (link), which is similar to Inktober, but ‘allows’ for any and all media and has also a list of prompts.

I have been pretty busy inking away as well, at least during the first week, using a mix of three prompt lists. The picture above is actually pre-October; a warm-up so to speak. So far I have been practicing with different techniques, pens and nibs and brushes. And I realized that I don’t particularly like crosshatching. Hatching – yes, cross-hatching – not so much. I also practiced more with a brush pen and those irregular shaped lines, from extremely fine to freakin’ wide to shadow areas. I like it! But I’ve got to practice it a lot more.

Anyhow, here are my first 6 days of Inktober… er… October, which I wanted to share with you.



p.s. and remember you may click on any of the photos to see them larger! It might be worth it.Inktober 2018 – Day #1 – Poisonous / Witch / Pumpkin HeadInktober 2018 – Day #2 – Tranquil / Fox / The Frog WitchInktober 2018 – Day #3 – Roasted / Demon / Night OwlInktober 2018 – Day #4 + #5 -Spell /Chicken / Fang / Blood SuckerInktober 2018 – Day #6 – Drooling / Music Box / Water GraveCheers

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