Photography Instagram Challenge July 2013 week #1

In one of my photography groups we have started an Instagram Challenge July 2013. Every day in July we have a different prompt and we are to take and post one, or more, new photos for it. Not always so easy, when you are working 8 – 5 in the office… Also, if you are on Instagram you may notice a lot of photos on this platform and you just know that they were not taken or edited with your phone. To me that defeats the purpose of ‘mobile photography’. From my very beginnings on Instagram all my photos were taken with my phone. At first with my Galaxy S and now with my iPhone 5. So, the special twist with this challenge for every one of our participating photographers is: Phone only! No photos taken with a regular camera and no editing on a computer. Phone only. As you know I am already posting my Instagram photos every week on WW, but since this is special I wanted to add it here at the end of week #1. Here are my first 7 takes in our Instagram Challenge July 2013:

~ green ~Insta-20130701-005
~ fruit~Insta-20130702-003
~ stripes ~Insta-20130703-002
~ purple ~Insta-20130707-001
~ morning ~IMG_1239
~ landscape ~IMG_1259
~ flower ~IMG_1300
For your daily dose of fPOE photos in our instagram challenge July 2013 hop on over to our group’s blog here.

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12 thoughts on “Photography Instagram Challenge July 2013 week #1”

  1. I don’t have a mobile phone, so I’m not on Instagram, but maybe someday soon…
    I LOVE your shots, especially #2 and #7. And the rainbow too…Oh how pretty!

  2. Oh how I wish I could DO this! It looks like so much fun! I need to get a big girl phone. So I can play with instagram. I really love love love the chinese lantern pod picture. Its like a surreal pearl emerging.


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