iPhone fun in the sun

Be prepared for an even shorter post than usual. Not only do I not have a lot to say right now, but I also have no new Photoshop image creation for you. Hence, it is going to be SOOi (staight out of iPhone) today. Why? Well, because I love my iPhone! And Leslie wants to know what I’m loving these days. I tell you, my iPhone. With my crutches I cannot go out and about and I most definitely cannot handle my DSLR. Because, you know you need two hands for it. But for an iPhone, one hand is enough, while the other hand holds on to the crutch(es) for dear life.

1. Leslie’s prompt today: Favourite things.   What are you loving these days?  

2. Kathy’s suggestion for Song-ography is “Soak up the sun” by Cheryl Crow

Right. So, we’ve established that I love my iPhone most especially these days. And you know that I also love all the possibilities of photo editing and fun I can have with it. Right there and on the spot. I mentioned before that I am participating in an online art course and one little part also covered some iPhoneography. Take that, plus my temporary handicap and you have me working my iPhone all the time. Here are a couple of brand new iPhone photos.

flower, abstract wine, glass, abstract

And since we finally are seeing signs of spring around here, but I cannot walk, hike, bike or drive anywhere by myself, David rescued me Sunday afternoon from extreme cabin fever. We took a mini spin in our little Miata top down. Naturally I was soaking up the sun and iPhone photos to prove it!


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26 thoughts on “iPhone fun in the sun”

    • Thank you, Stacy. I just wished I could or would spend more time to create. Brilliant smile, huh? Well, I will say it was genuine 😀 No worries about the ‘topless ride’ – I love them – hahaha

  1. That’s nice about the spin David took you for. It is needed. The weather has finally turned. I’m always amazed at what you can do with your iPhone. Such creativity and knowledge.

  2. you know I love my iphone too!! I took my Canon on the vacation though – so for once I have more pictures from my big girl camera, and used my iphone less. But now I am also stuck in the house when Spring has finally arrived!! First, I seem to have caught a cold (side-eye in hubby general direction) and my bum knee has been hurting like crazy because of all the walking up the stairs to the water slides. The good news is — I have been able to edit so many of my photos!
    Nothing like driving in cars with boys and the top down! 🙂
    hubby set up our back deck for me, so hopefully I can soak up some sun tomorrow while I catch up on more blog reading.
    LOVE LOVE the wine glass one though.

    • Sometimes it is not bad being caught inside, right? Editing photos without having a bad conscience for not going outside and all. But – enough is enough. Thankfully we are only temporarily limited. I’m glad to hear that you took out your BGC for a change. It honestly feels very weird that I have not held mine in my hands for a month now – SMH…
      Uh, I had lunch on our little deck on Monday – that was a great feeling, too.
      The wine glass came out not bad, right 🙂


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