Last big post for: Winter in NJ

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s the title states: I am intent to let this be the last big post for winter in NJ. Why ‘big’? Well, of course, big girl camera – hahaha. I still have tons, did I say tons? I mean mega-tons of photos from this winter. Because after two years of a somewhat meh-winter here in NJ, this time it is a true winter. And in today’s post I am going to share some more of these winter photos with you. And all of them were taken right here at my doorstep in New Jersey. The latest ones only last night, well, Monday night.

tree, snow covered, white

Monday morning started with another one of David’s ‘it’s white outside, Dearsis’, and my reply ‘oh no, not again!’. But sure enough I got up and everything was white and getting whiter (if that is possible) by the minute. But in all seriousness, it looked so gorgeous late in the afternoon when it finally had decided to stop snowing. While actually today would have been the better day to take photos, but work work work – no photo time, I stole off of work at 4:30 pm on Monday to catch some of the last light reflecting off the white beauty. But only when I went for a drive today, work related, I saw the full extent of winter’s the beauty. Blue skies, bright sun and glistening snow everywhere, including trees. That is what I had missed in our winter so far. Actual snow that stayed on the tree’s branches. Our snow storms were always accompanied by so much wind that the very next day all snow had fallen off the trees and they just stood there as barren reminders of living nature.

_DSC6838Not so today. This time no wind, but lots of snow on trees. What a sight. Truly beautiful. Did you hear that? I said it: Winter is beautiful. And still – I have had enough of it. So, on Saturday it is vacation time. Time for our pre-spring windsurfing vacation on Bonaire. And so I thought that this would be the perfect time to post one last time (probably) winter photos this season. Before I will be flooding you with all the warm summer, sun, turquoise water and windsurfing photos – hahaha – anyone jealous yet? Sorry… really, I am sorry. I really did not mean to make you jealous, but I am just sooooo ready for a vacation and am so looking forward to it – sigh. I hope there are not going to any hiccups. And no jinxing either. But as always we are in good spirit and very much looking forward to the weeks to come. I hope that I will somehow keep in touch. But in case I miss answering your comments or commenting on your blog post – please forgive me, this girl is going to be busy vacationing – in a few days 🙂 And with that hopefully good bye to winter in NJ.

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 whippany, river, nj, winter snow in njwinter in nj, snow sunset, winter, njmoon, snow, tree, night

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18 thoughts on “Last big post for: Winter in NJ”

  1. I spy Canada geese!!
    haha – aren’t they supposed to be a little more south? LOL
    love the moon shoot through the trees. I was trying to get a similar one the other night, but I suppose I need a zoom lens for that.
    really love the reflection on the water. beautiful
    Enjoy your vacation. Yes, I’m completely jealous 🙂

    • Your spy-eye is absolutely correct. And you know what? You can have them back, Leslie. Yes, they should be further south and then, further north. But they like it here so much, they just stay all year round. And thus they are considered ‘invasive’ and a nuisance 🙂
      I am a sucker for reflections, too, but usually I am lacking my tripod for perfection. Oh, and the moon – this one was shot with a mere normal 50 mm (on full frame camera = 50 mm), so, no big zoom. If you want to get a full moon shot and the moon filling the frame, then you need a big lens
      Thank you, Leslie

  2. WoW!! I had hoped we would get enough snow in our neck of the woods for a decent photo shoot but so far not so good. Your pictures are stunning and I love that little moon peeking in. Enjoy your vacation Claudia, you and David both deserve some warm weather fun after all the cold and snow you have endured this winter season!

  3. I find that winter is such a beautiful season, it would be great if it could be white without the freezing cold though, I would definitely enjoy it more. But, that said, your photography captures it’s beauty perfectly, you’ve inspired me to take the big camera outside today 🙂

    • There definitely ARE certain things about winter that I do like, too. What gets me is it’s length. A little bit for a few days and then finished. Great if I inspired you take your big camera for a spin. I feel that with the phone camera’s possibilities we forget how great a ‘real’ camera is.

  4. Claudia,
    Your winter pictures are so lovely. You are lucky to have winter, and to enjoy it as you do. I actually felt warmed by you lovely photos, as they are so full of life and creativity. Thank you for sharing them.


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