Lazy Sunday Afternoon


aving a lazy Sunday afternoon, do we? Well, so that is what Sunday’s are for, right? My apologies to all the souls that have to work on this day of the week. I know there are many and there are many reasons why and I hope you will have your lazy Sunday afternoon soon. Sundays are supposed to be the resting day. The day to replenish and reflect and maybe look forward to the week ahead. o.k. maybe not all of us are looking forward to the week, but I am sure some are. In a way I know that I am. I really love to be productive and I would love to be creative on my photos, but for some weird reason I seem to be unable to channel my creativity. It will probably be back when I won’t have the time for it, but that’s life, right?

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So, in a moment I will join David on the couch, but first I will start a nice, warm fire. Once on the couch I will read some blogs, a book or play a game. We will see, but it will definitely be lazy. But first – back to my ‘lazy’ photos. I usually do not take a photo of our laziness – LOL – so I had to think of something else. And what better excuse to show you pictures that I took almost 20 years ago with my 35 mm camera. Yesterday I got a new scanner and I started working on a few photos. And after 20 years, prints do fade and age, but here you go. These are some of the lazy sheep I photographed while living in Australia. I am sure you will have to suffer through more scanned images in the near future i.e. when I am too lazy to really edit a new one – hahaha. And now – off to the couch!

p.s. here is the link to Kathy’s: songography YoullShootYourEyeOut for her Song-ography

pps. in case you’re wondering: Today’s song is ‘The Lazy Song’ by Bruno Mars. Never heard of it? Neither had I, so I listened to and, while it is not my cup of tea, the message I won’t argue with, because there are definitely days like this:

“Today I don’t feel like doing anything
I just wanna lay in my bed.
Don’t feel like picking up my phone
so leave a message at the tone.
‘Cause today I swear I’m not doing anything
Nothing at all!”

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6 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday Afternoon”

  1. Mittagshitze und faul in der Sonne liegen, gutes Foto passend zum Lied! Habe noch Kartons voll mit Fotos die all darauf warten irgendwann bearbeitet zu werden….aber leider kommt immer etwas dazwischen!
    Schoenen Sonntag noch!

    • Tja, ich glaube, das geht uns allen irgendwie so, oder? Ich habe ja gerade erst damit angefangen und wage gar nicht daran zu denken, wie viele prints ich noch habe. Danke! Und Dir einen schoenen Start in die Woche 🙂

  2. One person’s “lazy” is another person’s “rejuvenate”! We need a day to prepare for the upcoming week :). It sounds like you are going to have the perfect afternoon. Thank you for sharing your old photos. Those sheep look very relaxed! I hope you are feeling the same way.

  3. Well, despite your claim to laziness…YOU are ahead of me when it comes to scanning old photos. That project is so overwhelming to me it puts me into paralysis. Or…it puts me on the couch watching old movies on tv (which is what I’m doing today). As far as the creative juices at a standstill, that happens to me on occassion too. And you are right, it will return when you least expect it…just like I never can find the right dress for an occassion when I NEED one…it’s only when nothing is going on in my life and I have to explain to my husband WHY there are new, unworn dresses in my closet :). Thanks for joining in on Song-ography…enjoy your Sunday!


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