Trying my hand at a very loose watercolor drawing


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Could someone please change this weather? Or at least get it to make up its mind? The last couple of days we’re freakin’ freezing in single digits Fahrenheit / double digit minus Celsius plus wind that would be great for windsurfing if it weren’t for the temperature and then the next day i.e. today it is first snowing in said temperatures, but it is supposed to change into rain. And then tomorrow we’ll be back in spring with temps in the mid 50s F / mid teens C. Really? My head is killing me. Which is why I am up at 4 am this morning. For the record this is not my normal getting up time, so forgive me if you meet me today and I may seem a little cranky.

High time to create some art and relax. Which is exactly what I did in the piece below. One day when I had a few minutes I did something similar on my iPad, just for fun. Then I thought, why not do it for real? I had gifted myself some iridescent Bombay ink watercolors and was dying to try them.

Without thinking about what to draw, shapes, pressure etc. I picked up my torchon watercolor paper pad, my waterproof Faber-Castell ink pen and let my hand draw lines all over the paper. Criss-crossing, going off the paper, just being very loose and letting it flow.

Then I got to the watercoloring fun. Along the way I decided to stick to a warm brown, autumn color theme that worked well with pink accents. While I can see the beautifully iridescent color, this may be hard for you to see, except in the close ups – please click on the pictures to enlarge them.

To give the piece a more festive touch, it is Christmas time after all, I added a bit of gold glitter glue to a few select spots. I also darkened the outer edges, but I may go back and darken them some more as they look rather uneven, well, it is watercolor after all, right?Cheers,



If I have time I will be linking with one or more of the fine people in this collection – check them out!

A loose watercolor drawing

created with ink and iridescent Bombay Ink

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11 thoughts on “Trying my hand at a very loose watercolor drawing”

  1. Hi Claudia, it sounds like you are having some dodgy weather over there. Your water colour is lovely. The colours are beautifully warm and I love the way it sort of mottles out towards the edges. The gold glitter finishes it off nicely. A very nice piece of work.

    Thank you for linking up to the #MMBC.


  2. Also ich finde, da ist dir was Schönes gelungen.
    Dies Malerei erinnert mich irgendwie an ein Glasfenster in einer Kirche.
    Einfach nur schön.
    Liebe Claudia,
    ich wünsche dir auch ein frohes und friedliches Weihnachtsfest.
    Danke auch für deine lieben Kommentare bei mir 🙂
    ♥liche Grüße

  3. kinda the same weather here in NE PA-ugh! Loving your abstract piece. The movement shows your feelings and yet the mostly happy colors convey a lightness. Hope the weather improves so you can get better rest. Happy PPF!

  4. So pretty!! I love the touch of gold glitter. Here I did all these Christmas crafts this week for my Sparks troop…and do you think I remembered to take a picture of a SINGLE ONE!!??? Nope. Ugh. That was to be my artful living post this weekend. And I am still finding my own glitter all over the place – ha. I do have some photos on my camera that I will have to download tomorrow so that I am ready for next week…. although I suppose next week being Christmas you will likely be taking a break. Well, if I do a post with my photos this week (since there is no Coffee Chat) I will definitely give you a shout out! 🙂

  5. The weather is weirding me out! It really hurts! And trying to maneuver the kids in the pets around and it is nearly impossible. That’s why I love summer. You just get to the car without worrying about everything else.
    I love the touch of gold glitter. I can’t look away from it!


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