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Welcome to Mermay Authors & Artists Appreciation Week!

A little while ago hubby started searching for #MermayAuthorsArtists who wanted to participate in a week-long celebration of authors, no, artists, no, merfolk! So, here I am. And you know where I am? On my actual, web2 website and blog and posting here for the first time since… May 12, 2021. Hey, Hive-people, that considered I think I’ve been pretty actively blogging on Hive, right?

Anyhow, enough of this – it’s Mermay and this post is about them, hubby’s questions, and a few of my paintings. Like this one, traditionally on paper with watercolors and ink Micron pens.

Which historical myths did you draw from when creating your artwork?

Well, honestly, none. I pretty much, most of the time, just sit down and draw or paint what I feel like. The luxury of doing this as a hobby. Of course, I may scroll through Google or Pinterest for inspiration and poses. Poses – they are my nemesis, I think you can’t ever practice them enough, I just never seem to have enough time to do all the fun things.

The closest I come to knowing or being close-ish to a historic myth is the Loreley in Germany. It really isn’t much more than a big rock or mountain that the river Rhine had to find a way around on its way to the North Sea. In the course, it left rocks underwater and it’s a narrow bend, making this a dangerous part of the Rhine. There have been quite a few ship accidents. Thus, of course, Loreley has been connected with sirens luring sailors to their death with their beautiful voices.

Sirens and beautiful women sound a lot more enticing than underwater rocks, right?

Here is another waterwoman sort of merfolk that I painted with watercolors into a large sketchbook.

Do you have any personal connection to any particular body of water?

Well, most of you know me at least a little bit, so you are aware that I have been windsurfing for quite a few years now and, there’s no windsurfing without wind and water.

Seriously, as a kid my family called me water-rat because they always had such a hard time getting me out of the water when I was swimming, paddling, waterskiing, windsurfing – you name it. It’s my parents’ own fault though because every one of our vacations was spent at the ocean.

I only got a little less trusting and enthusiastic about the deep waters after having been exposed to the film Jaws at a way too young age for someone with a love for waters and a pretty active imagination. Oh well – here I am and I’m still in or on the water whenever I can.

Here is my go at a merman. Somehow I rarely paint male characters, not entirely sure why. I guess I just love drawing female curves – LOL. This painting is also traditional, watercolor on paper, ink and I added golden metallic watercolor as an accent.

Hope you’ll join these other fine authors and artists to learn why merfolk inspire them and their work!

D. H. Willison (22 of Mermay)
D.N.Frost (23 of Mermay)
C. Willison (24 of Mermay)
Rosalyn Briar (25 of Mermay)
M. A. Phillips (26 of Mermay)
Papaya (27 of Mermay)
S D Simper (28 of Mermay)

Till next time – stay safe and healthy and enjoy life!


(a.k.a. OceanBee)

p.s. this post should have been automatically published to Hive but didn’t. Why? Because idiot me changed keys a few months back but didn’t update them in EXXP – arrrrgh!

7 thoughts on “Mermay 2022 | Authors & Artists”

  1. Definite water rat here!! I’ve missed those spectacular wind surfin shots. I’ve seen quite a bit of beauty and wild life on kayaking adventures – but no Merefolk as yet! Darnit! I’m really disappointed in that too. Thankfully there’s wonderful artists like yourself to bring them to life for us! Loving that gold ink too.

    • Well, hello there! Long time, no read 🙂 As you can clearly see I didn’t expect a reply AND my site apparently doesn’t send me notifications about comments anymore – sigh – otherwise I would have been here much, much earlier. Thank you for taking the time to comment here.

      How are you doing? Have you found your way to writing and blogging back yet?


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