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I have been taking quite a few iPhone pictures lately and this post is no exception. This is the original photo I took a couple of weeks ago. Some time later I started playing around with it in  several apps on my iPhone ==> a metamorphosis began.


IMG_4941 IMG_4940 IMG_4945
IMG_4944 IMG_4943
IMG_0056 IMG_0055

For me – the below is the finished piece, but I know for some it will be the original one. Or maybe even some from the middle. And it is all good.


Actually, at first I created this Adobe Spark page, which opens up in a new tab/window. But somehow I don’t like it too much, so I rather uploaded all pictures here on my blog.


Happy Weekend!



18 thoughts on “Metamorphosis of a rose photo | sARTurday”

  1. What a great job you you did. I know you had a great time working it out. The original sot is gorgeous. One fabulous macro showing all the water drop on the petals. For some reason the internet here is acting up tonight and the pictures of where you were working with the original came thru is such a bizarre fashion that they are hard to see…but I have a good idea of the final product. Will try again later and see if it comes through better. Have a wonderful weekend. genie

  2. Amazing how much you can change a photo in an app. I so love to play around with my photos and see which fun edits I can come up with. It’s hard to believe that the finished product came from that rose. It’s so different but oh so awesome.

  3. Claudia, I love the delicate soft pink rose with all the water droplets clinging gracefully to each petal the best, but the your dark abstract rendition is interesting. I think it would make a great music cover for some reason. This is how my brain interrupts it. Cool share!


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