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These are my blogging prompts for today, well, actually yesterday, Tuesday, but I just did not get around to finish my image. And while I am at it a BIG, HUGE, HUMONGOUS thank you and apology to you, my dear readers and commenters! I appreciate your comments so much and feel so very bad that I just don’t get around to reply lest visit your blog at the moment. But I will. That is a promise. David and I just need to find a little routine with my foot mishap preventing me from doing a lot of things at all and many other ones way, way slower. But enough of that. Here we go:

  1. 17 Again!  If you could be any age again, for one week, what age would you be? This is what Leslie wants to know.
  2. Kathy did not give us a suggestion for Song-ography, so it is **MY CHOICE**

Do I want to be seventeen again? Nope, I don’t. I don’t remember 17 being an extremely happy time. It was o.k., nothing major going on, no problems, but also not much positive excitement. So, why would I want to go back to that time? Maybe to change what I did back then, but what then? If I did change it, I most likely would not have any of the good (and bad) times I have had later on in my life. And I don’t think I want that either. So, no thank you, not back to seventeen.

Maybe, maybe I would be o.k. with going back to my late 20s. I have very fond memories of my time down under. And maybe a second time around I would succeed to stay in Australia and not to be kicked out after three years, because of government regulations not extending my work visa any further. But there is no guarantee for that. Ever.

If I had known back then, no matter if 17 or 30, what I know now, I may have lived my life differently, pretty sure. But better? Who knows, I don’t. And thus, I am quite happy with the way I have lived and am living my life now. Who knows – if this or that had or had not happened, I might not have met David. And that would have been quite a disaster, don’t you think?!

While I would not want to be 17 again, my choice for Song-ography is *drum roll* New Year’s Day by U2, which came out when I was… 17. Boy, is that an evergreen, favorite of mine. I still remember that I heard this for the very first time on a radio night show while I was on school vacation, stayed up late, listening to BFBS (British Forces Bradcasting System) – hahaha – even (or especially?) back then I preferred English. Of course, I was also listening to the NDW (Neue Deutsche Welle), but British New Wave, Punk etc. etc. was more me. Anyways, this week was a freebie, so here you go with my interpretation of New Year’s Day. Check out the lyrics here and the meaning incl. the video (especially if you are confused by my image) here.


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10 thoughts on “New Year’s Day in an image”

  1. I think I have talked about this before but I have a theory. If you were to know then what you know now, you would not be the same person. And then you would ask that same question and never be finished. Its an endless cycle. Your image does speak well of that song, and I always felt it was a vague reference to reincarnation but you know I am strange. HA!

  2. I absolutely love that song and I was just listening to it yesterday! Before then, I hadn’t heard it since New Year’s Day.
    I wouldn’t want to go back to 17 – there is just so much confusion there about friendships and college and leaving home. It was fun getting my license, though!

    • Really? You listened to it on New Year’s Day? I’m happy to hear you also love this song.
      Confusion @ 17 – true that. Well, in Germany it is more like 18 both for leaving home to study and for the license, but close enough.

  3. being a HUGE fan of U2 I know the real meaning behind the lyrics and totally get the image. love that you did a blood red sky!! amazing. perfect for the song.

    I might go back to age 17 because that’s when I had my first love. 🙂
    and luckily, it was pretty good experience. for a few years; but it did end rather badly.

    • I knew that you knew, because I know that you are a U2 fan, to 🙂 I had this photo of a pretty darn’ dramatic orange, red sundown from the Outer Banks. So, I tweaked it a little further to get to the right color.
      Aaaah – first love, who knows… but then, what about Chris?! 😀

    • Thank you and you know, Annie, I think the ‘thought filled’ is, because it gives me a reason, direction to create something specific. Although sometimes it is also good to just doodle.
      I like that: Live(d), learn(ed) and move(d) on.


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