New York City Central Park

Finally, on day #4 of my nieces’ visit we went to the City. To New York City Central Park.

Central Park, skyline, NY, lake, mirrorWe were actually considering not to go, because the weather forecast was not very good.

skyscraper, Central Park, NY, lake

But it was supposed to get better during the day. Hence we thought to hit a museum i.e. the American Museum of National History in the morning to wait out any rain and then go for a walk in Central Park. I had a hairdresser’s appointment so we had to be out of the city by 3.00 pm. Well, I don’t know if a lot of people had the same idea we had or if it was just a normal day at the museum. But we got there and there was a pretty long queue outside on the stairs. People were only let into the museum in batches. But it seemed to go pretty quickly and so, we patiently waited for a few minutes and then it was our turn. Through the doors and…. stop…. the big entrance hall was completely packed. Everybody queued in front of the cashiers to get their Bench, Central Park, NYtickets. Since that would have taken at least another 30 or even 60 minutes we ‘updated’ our plan for the day. It actually had not rained at all since we got to town. So instead of waiting in line to go to the museum we went straight outside again Sonja, Central Park, NYand hit Central Park. Starting right at the museum we crisscrossed the park from east to west and west to east gradually heading south. We really took our time and enjoyed this green oasis in the middle of all the skyscrapers. It really feels a little like a different world. It also is very quiet in the park and the trees are all very old and tall. The ponds or lakes in the park and the little bridges over them are truly scenic. Sandra, Central Park, NYBow Bridge, Central Park, NY

No wonder that every couple that gets married in NYC has to get their pictures taken in Central Park. Especially at the Bethesda Fountain and the Bow Bridge. We saw at least four newly weds there.  Oh, and of course, the other thing you WILL see in Central Park no matter what – are squirrels. They are all over the place. Some of them are pretty tame and used to people so they come very close to you, begging for food.

We had our lunch snack at the fountain, because Murials, Central Park, NYSandra insisted that she just had to have a Hot Dog in Central Park. So we did.

Bridge, Central Park, NY

She loved it. Around 2 pm we decided that we or rather our feet had enough walking for the day and headed towards the garage and out-of-town. Which for some weird reason always seems to be more difficult than getting in. It took us forever to get to the Lincoln tunnel through all the jams. But, oh well, that is part of the City, I guess. We still had a great day in New York City Central Park.

Central Park, NYAlley, Central Park, NY

Squirrel, Central Park, NY

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  1. Just got caught up on your new blog, very nice! We hope you don’t need this suggestion any time soon, but Dave likes to use Liquid Wrench rather than wd 40. He said it seems to work better and is easier to hit a small area.

    Also, wondered if it is my computer or is this print lighter? Seems like it is a very light grey, or maybe my eyesight isn’t what it used to be!

    • Hi Beverly! Thanks for the suggestion from Dave, I will let David know. As for the print, I think you are right about it being a lighter grey. I will have a look and might darken it some. The site is, as usual, a work in progress. So, any suggestion(s) are appreciated!


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