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coffeechatToday is Time out for Mom’s special day – Happy Birthday, Les! So, naturally her questions today are: What did ya get me? Where are we going? Remember the rules regarding what you can bring. I am bringing Licorice and Beer.

Let me see,  what do I usually bring to a party… bubblies! Rules, where are the rules? I didn’t see any rules – panic! Beer is allowed, so alcohol must be o.k., unless she meant root beer. Maybe ‘Licorice and Beer’ has a special meaning that I don’t get? Maybe I’m just over thinking it, I am sure Les will forgive me – I hope… And if not, maybe I can make up for it with a nice present 🙂 But for now let’s stick to my plan.

I would definitely bring some of this:

Camera 360

Or would you prefer one of these? It really is no problem. All is home made.

20140207-168 20130309-025

And, of course, these have to be there: Flowers and a camera, just a newer model, to capture silly, ahem, precious moments:


And, just to round things off, I could possibly bring some of this:cheese


p.s. where would I take you if….? In no particular order: Photo walk, cafe, the beach, the Caribbean, electronic toy store, windsurfing…


pps. in case you have had enough of the food now and would love to see something else, hop on over to David’s site. He has got part II of his robot(ics) online. Quite fascinating, even if you don’t know anything about it. Oh, and he promised that next up will be some kind of story telling – yeah!


Happy Birthday, Les! I hope you are having a great day!

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10 thoughts on “Party, Food & Drinks”

    • Uh oh, that complicated that electronic stuff, huh?! But you are right, I really enjoy his writing style. It is so lively and easy to read, even if you don’t understand anything about that electronic robot 🙂
      Thank you, Debbi

  1. Oh you are the best guest ever!! LOL
    And yes, you can definitely bring Champagne, and Cheese and Camera and Cafe and Caribbean — they all fit the “rules” for sure. Some Wiener shcnitzel or Watermelon also would have been great and followed the rules. (that would be stuff that starts with “C” and “W” — if you are following along. haha)

    But as if I would turn any of you amazing people away from my party though.
    And at my party, the root beer is for the kids. 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Les. At the very least I would try to be.
      Hah – you know, I just didn’t get ‘the rules’ when I read your post – how ‘dumb’ can you be, huh?! But you left out the windsurfing – that would fit, too! Although, champagne, cheese and camera already are a pretty good combination in my books. You know I would have loved to get you a real gift, but I wasn’t sure if you would have considered that… weird… you know… here’s me not trying to step on any toes…


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