The (not so) perfect macro shot

FriendlyFillInsMy friend Annie of McGuffysReader is co-hosting the Friday “Friendly Fill-Ins”! You can find the fill-ins on Annie’s site or at each Thursday and then link up each Friday. This is my first time participating in this fun idea, so here we go:

1. I prefer warm weather (also hot like now) to rain, ice and slush of winter (though a nice rain can be awesome).

2. Playing Pokemon Go was much harder than I expected. (Hahaha – not really, but I just had to snuck that one in there. Yes, I downloaded it, played it and now I am thinking of deleting it.)

3. One way that I relax is taking a walk in nature, preferably with a camera in hand – see photo below.

4. A roadtrip with David always makes me the happiest person in the world.

As I mentioned in my Instagram post, I took the day off today, to refocus, gain clarity, relax – you name it. What better way than to spend some time walking around the arboretum (see p. 3.). Even grabbed my macro iphone lens and gave it a little workout. This is not the perfect macro shot, but – for me – it is getting pretty close.

 Though I am a perfectionist, I sometimes am not. Does that make sense?

macro, drops, b&w

#blackandwhite #iphoneography #imagesbycw via Instagram ©ImagesByCW

Happy Weekend!



26 thoughts on “The (not so) perfect macro shot”

  1. It makes sense to me. Sometimes what would ordinarily be viewed as a mistake makes a great piece of art. I like your picture. It makes me think of a crown. 🙂

    Your answer to #4 made me smile. My husband’s name is David and I love to go on road trips with him, too. 🙂

    Have a great weekend.

    • Oh yes! I’ve definitely been there, turning ‘happy mistakes’ into something beautiful. Thanks for stopping by, Suzanne, what a wonderful coincidence about us and our road-tripping husbands.

  2. There is no such thing as cold here. We lived in this house two years before we found out it did not have a heater. We were having the A/C replaced and the technician said, “Do you want us to hook up the heater?” I asked him why he asked and he said the old one was not hooked up. It did not even have a gas line running to it. Well, this IS Texas.

    • Hahaha – that is so funny! But, yeah, I guess – Texas. When I lived in Melbourne, Australia, and talked to my people back home in Germany they could not understand that hardly any house there has a heater. Oh well, we are all different. Thanks for stopping by, David.

  3. Sure, you have to have some kind of camera in hand when you walk in nature. There’s a macro lens for the iPhone?! That’s a great shot, what is it, a hairy leaf or cat paw, lol. My only macro capable camera got waterlogged on the Fourth and I’ve wondering whether to get a new one or a basic telephoto lens.

    • Glad I’m not the only one thinking so. There are ‘stick on’ lenses for the iPhone or you can get a whole case with ‘screw in’ lenses. I’ve got a love / hate relationship with mine. For the most part ‘hate’, because – why bother? This is a phone camera not my DSLR, for which I’ve got lots of lenses (including a macro). The iPhone macro lens is also very finicky, because you have to be about half an inch away from your subject and, of course, NO moving. I didn’t even see a paw, but you’re right, it cold be. But it is a hairy leaf 🙂
      Oh dear, I haven’t drowned a camera (yet), but I did give my iPhone a bath it did not survive. It really depends on your style of photography if to get a macro or tele or wide angle. There is no one-fits-all.

  4. Thank you for joining in the fill-ins, I enjoyed your answers. I am so out of the loop with new things, I thought Pokemon was around 15 years ago and now I Keep hearing about it. You are an excellent photographer. Have a great weekend.

  5. I love your art, and you, my friend. Claudia, you are welcome any time! I am always happy to see you and visit with you. I will be back with sARTurday as soon as you have the linky up. I have been working on writing and joining memes for it. I want to hear about your Pokemon adventures. HUGS!

  6. I’d prefer warm rain too Claudia, but we have just had too much rain recently. I need to some sun and warmth before we head towards winter.
    There is promise of a warm week ahead… so bring it on I say!
    Your photography is amazing. The detail is incredible.
    Thank you for sharing. Have a great weekend.

  7. I have not even told my kids about Pokemon Go yet… I don’t know if I dare. But then again, all things Minecraft is becoming a serious bore too! LOL
    And I think that is a darn good macro shot!! The reflection in the droplet is gorgeous!!
    We’ve had rain and storms this week, but still hot and so so humid, so I didn’t get many new photos. But I have a bunny in my backyard (spotted eating my petunias!! bad bunny!!) that is so quick of foot, I only have bunny butt shots!! I am determined to capture the rascally wabbit! wish me luck!

    • I am sure your kids would love Pokemon Go. But the danger to get too distracted while walking around is real. It doesn’t do much for me, so I will delete it.
      You’re hunting a bunny?! Good luck!!

  8. Claudia, I enjoyed your fill-ins. Taking walks or a long drive in the mountains is a good way for us to relax, too. And, I always have my camera with me. Cool photo! What is it? You’ll find my fill-ins at the bottom of Friday’s post, if you care to pop over. 🙂 Have a good weekend, my friend!

  9. Love the macro shot. Raindrops are so cool up close. Great fill ins… is this a take on Hilary’s follow friday fill in fun? Which lens do you use for the iPhone. I’ve been looking into getting a lens kit to go with my iPhone. They have the one that comes with a special case and then you can screw the lenses into the case.

  10. The macro has a steep learning curve, right? Unfortunately I didn’t practice much before using it for a wedding. Luckily I had downtime to nail down the wedding rings shot. Not easy!
    I downloaded Pokemon Go and then deleted it. I’m not sure I can do it.
    I prefer warm weather to anything else..

  11. Gah, I missed this weeks Friday thingy again. I am sucking bad at this blog thing as of lately. Pokeman GO is scary but I love that my kids are connecting over it so I can’t say a word – I just watch them and smile.

    I love once again the photo and am curious because I feel like I should know but don’t know, tell me about this macro lens for the iphone you mentioned? There are soooo many times I wish I had one to capture something but can’t because carrying my big camera around isn’t feasible. So educate me my friend. Shoot me an email if possible 🙂

    Happy Sunday!


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