Photo Expo at Cafe Metro Denville

Cafe Metro Denville outsideAt the end of last week, to be precise on Friday, my first exhibit in New Jersey officially ended. It was so nice to see my pictures on the walls of The Laughing Lion, but now it was time to make room for another local artist and move on. To Cafe Metro Denville!

On pretty short notice the owners of both restaurants offered me the opportunity to hang my art there. Awesome! This is pretty special to me, because Cafe Metro Denville is one of my oldest, and best, memories of New Jersey.

Let me take you on a little time warp, back to 2005. I was still living in Switzerland, David in Germany and we were seeing each other on the weekends. At the end of 2005 his delegation was to end and he was preparing to go back to the US. And I was doing the same. I gave my Swiss employer notice and was ready to move to the US, come December 2010. To prepare ourselves a little for New Jersey, we took a weekend trip in August 2005 and spent it here, around Morristown, stayed in Madison and basically explored cities, towns etc. and… went to eat at Cafe Metro. Which David knew from when he lived here before and liked for the healthy and partly vegetarian food. However, as usual, things have a way of not turning out the way they are planned. David got a job offer in Germany that was too good to refuse and so, instead of moving to the US in 2005, I moved back to Germany, we got married and lived there happily for another five years, before moving to the US in 2011.Cafe Metro Denville - inside

Anyways, so Cafe Metro Denville is one of my earliest memories here and since last year we have been there more than once. And now, my art is on display on the walls of this very great and well known restaurant. Can you imagine how excited I am?

Cafe Metro Denville - insideThe only thing I regret is that, because it was on short notice, I did not have much time to prepare for it. The exhibit at The Lauging Lion was to be black & white only. But here, at Cafe Metro Denville, it was my choice. I could use black & white, color or anything in between – my choice. But, since I am going to Germany on Sunday night, I had to come up with something very quickly. So, naturally, I will be displaying my black & white pictures from The Laughing Lion, but – I will be swapping out some of them. For other black & white photos and also for color photos. Since I need to get them printed and framed first, I will will hang some color ones on the weekend. But I did not want to leave Cafe Metro Denville with bare walls (who likes bare walls?!), so I went there on Wednesday and hung most of my already framed black & whites. Which you can see on these pictures. And honestly, with Cafe Metro’s bright yellow wall decor, I think that works pretty well. What do you think?

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Cafe Metro Denville - insideCafe Metro Denville - inside

Cafe Metro Denville - insideCafe Metro Denville - inside

10 thoughts on “Photo Expo at Cafe Metro Denville”

  1. Congratulations! Cafes in my hometown in Slovakia do this too – every time I go there, there are different photos or paintings from the local artists. It is quite awesome. Your framed pictures look very pretty there!

    • Thank you! It is great when restaurants do this. It is a win – win situation, they get decoration to entertain their customers and we get exposure.


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