Photo of the week #1/2012

I thought of a way to make sure that I enter at least one blog post each and every week of the year. And this is it. I will be posting ‘my photo of week’ – hopefully – every Sunday/Monday for the week past.

So, here is the first one – ever, and for 2012. Taken January 6th, 2012 at 7:29:36 (exact time courtesy to the wonders of modern technology!) about 0.2 miles from our home in Whippany, NJ. David alerted me to a beautiful sunrise and suggested that I would take photos of it. While I was mumbling something about that it would be too late by the time I got to a somewhat suitable location and I would not be able to prepare lunch for him to take to work, I also thought, why not? Hence, I ran upstairs, put on shoes, grabbed my camera, checked the ISO settings etc. while I was jogging towards Whippany road. Just to see that I had been right, I was too late for the beautiful pink puffs of clouds that looked so gleaming from our window. But, instead, I got the full sunrise including a few not so gleaming clouds. Also not that bad, right?!

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