Photoshop fun for s~A(R)T~urday

Welcome to the weekend. Welcome to my – Saturday  link up s~A(R)T~urday!

“The object of art is not to reproduce reality, but to create a reality of the same intensity.”
Alberto Giacometti

My apologies that I have not been around, commenting, answering comments lately. It just has been one of those weeks. So, without further ado my latest Photoshop creation: The ManCat 🙂 A symbiosis of zoom blur and Photoshop layering.

cat, man, photoshop


Last weeks last entry at s~A(R)T~urday was Mascha’s entry.She creates wonderful collages incorporating magazine snippets into her journal – gorgeous! Well worth visiting every week:  Maschas Buch!

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I hope that over time we will be building a community dedicated to art and creating. My personal medium is photography and photo art, but I do not want to put a limit on my art link up. Thus I encourage you to join me, no matter which your art form is.
Please do not be intimidated that I am calling this an art link up. I want you to share your creations. Art is completely subjective. It takes courage and time to realize that you may actually call your own creations art. If you believe they are pieces of art, I believe they are. They may be good or bad or great – who am I to say?! I’d rather like to think along these words from Andy Warhol:

Don’t think about making art, just get it done.

Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. 

While they are deciding, make even more art.” 

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14 thoughts on “Photoshop fun for s~A(R)T~urday”

  1. What an amazing photo! I really like the way this one has turned out. On particularly rough take-offs, I’ve thought that the sky was trying to gobble us up – for daring to enter her space.

    Thank you for joining us again this week for Photo Friday. I took some photos that I meant to get up yesterday so I could participate in sARTurday – need to get that post done here in the next hour. 😉

  2. LOL! This is great! Thanks for the laugh cuz today I really needed it. The photo reminds me too of my father, who was a pilot and flight instructor for small airplanes. He loved his job so much and always looked so happy in the sky. Been kinda missing him today and your photo made me smile. Thanks!

  3. ooooh, groovy cool!!! a love that it’s a bit psychedelic feel. a bit different, and I like that – exploring your creativity.

    I at me parents helping with some packing and stuff, so I didn’t have time to link up: but I did have an edit (sorta) and gave you a shout out. 🙂

  4. I saw this on Facebook and was fascinated by it. I love the blur and the colors. It looks like a shot from a movie with the airplanes in the foreground.


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