A pointsettia digital drawing with different backgrounds


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Good morning, All and welcome to the latest edition of sARTurday. ‘Late’ hits the nail on the head, because once again I am somewhat late today. However, the reason is not any internet or computer related issue, no, it is my husband.

Yup, it is entirely David’s fault. Why? Because he is starting to get up earlier and earlier and thus robbing me of my Saturday morning me-time. Hahaha – it’s all good though. I just have to get into the habit of scheduling the post the night before.

Yes, it has happened that I posted on sARTurday an image that I had finished that very morning, but not today. I created the picture below last Sunday. It was cold, David had made a fire and like Grandma I took a comfy chair, placed it in front of the fire, warming my feet while drawing and painting on my iPad. Such a great Sunday afternoon.

To be clear, painting the image took me about 5 hours. It is not a filter in Photoshop or any other software. I know there are good watercolor and painting filters out there and I use them sometimes in one of my Photoshop composites. But in this case, I had the intention to paint in watercolor on my iPad in ProCreate. The app has a lot of different brushes just for that purpose and just like in Photoshop you may even make or import your own ones.

So, first I penciled the pointsettia, outline, leaves and veins, inked it and then the coloring fun started. Unlike a lot of my manga drawings I did not fill (flood) any of the shapes or leaves with color, but really hand painted the color. I did so in three layers of greens, seven layers of reds, ink layer and pencil, all on a transparent background, which since I had set it to paper white shone through in the highlights. Once satisfied with the pointsettia’s look I changed the background’s color to dark. Boy, what a difference that made, it made the Pointsettia’s red pop beyond what I had imagined.

This is the beauty of working digitally – swap out the background and your image feels totally different.

To show you I have created a gif of the different backgrounds with the finished pointsettia. See for yourself below.Cheers,



If I have time I will be linking with one or more of the fine people in this collection – check them out!


entirely drawn in ProCreate on my iPad Pro – GIF made in PS

18 thoughts on “A pointsettia digital drawing with different backgrounds”

  1. I was ready for you! Forgive David, though. He means well, and you make such a great team. Your artwork is so festive and beautiful. And, this pointsettia is not dangerous for cats! Merry Christmas to you & David. Hugs.

  2. oh my gosh this is beautiful!!! Such detail you did. And yes, love how the black background just really makes it Pop! This is awesome because I cannot have a real poinsettia in the house due to the cat — so I have fakes ones in my greenery and lights — but they all seem “flat” Whereas yours just seems so alive!

  3. So, so pretty. I love the blue background. I’ve been looking into possibly getting a new iPad and really think I;m going to hold out until I can get the iPad pro (9.7 inch) instead of the iPad 2 Air. I just feel like it’s worth it to spend the extra money. I love the photo editing features/capabilities and have drawn on one before and loved it. We’ll see. It’s not a must-have but a want… 🙂

  4. An amazing digital painting and each background has a wonderful seasonal feeling, though like you, I like the black. I do most of my artwork on black, not sure why , but there is something special about the effect. What do you use for your gif’s? I used to have a free gif but it went away and I haven’t been able to use one since. I love the effect it gave your artwork … would like to try it again. I empathize with you over the loss of your ‘”me” time. My David is a late sleeper as well and I use that time to do my things as I am definitely a morning person. I would probably never be able to blog if he started getting up during my “me ” time. Yes, I know, it is always nice to have them around any time, but one must have some “me” time, right?

  5. You have some incredible skills. I can’t draw anything, much less change it in PS. You make me feel incompetent when I come here and realize how little I know about digital art. Your poinsettia is simply out of this world. Of course, I LOVED all the changes, too.

    I have no husband excuse for being late, other than I’ve been totally overwhelmed with trying to finish my Christmas gift giving, which is all handmade, and not going well this year. So forgive my tardiness in visiting.

  6. Cassidy gets up earlier and earlier too. If left to our own devices with no kids, though, we sleep until 9. I love that!
    This is some serious skills here. It’s like watching it come to life and bloom.

  7. Claudia, a beautiful poinsettia bloom for the Christmas holiday! I need to vest more time into doing digital art but I first feel like I need to get comfort doodling by hand again. Plus, my iPad Air needs to be sent off to have the battery replaced. Perhaps after the shopping madness we can take it to Apple for repair now that DH has a job. Thanks for sharing the festivity of color!


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