Portrait session – part I | Sigi

I know, I know, you are probably dying to hear how my trip to Germany went, right? o.k. maybe not dying, but in any case, sorry, you will have to wait a little, because before I take a closer look at the latest photos, I am owing our friends, Sigi & Tina, the outcome of their portrait session. Some of you may have already seen the sneak peek in this post.

So, here are now the best of our little impromptu portrait session. Well, actually I decided to split up the photos into two posts, Tina will be coming up on Wednesday. So, first up: Sigi. As you can see by his dress code, he was not really prepared for a photo shoot. Then again, he ‘just’ tagged along to keep us company and, most importantly, to relax Tina. But he also was a happy stand-in for test shots.

‘Och nö, ich will net’ – ah, no, I don’t want a photo of me… is what I heard at first from him, but thankfully, that notion that didn’t last long. 20140608-033-3
So, I placed him where I wanted a shot of Tina, with the pretty pink bush roses – not such a fitting background for a man. But…
20140608-036-3… Sigi made the best of it. I dare say he had fun! And so did Tina and I.
20140608-035-3Here I released him from the feminine pink in the background and did a color-key. This is actually a crop of the photo above. Can you see it? Sigi’s eyes have different colors!
20140608-034-3-2O.k. I’ll show you one more photo of Sigi & Tina together. Be sure to check back on Wednesday, later in the day, for the photos of Tina.

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8 thoughts on “Portrait session – part I | Sigi”

  1. I’m excited to see the others too! I love the one where you pointed out his eye color(s). I have a few friends with different colored eyes. So cool!

    • The post is already scheduled to go live tomorrow 🙂 Really you have a few friends with different eye colors?! When I realized Sigi’s eyes (a while back), I was pretty stunned…


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