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coffeechat-2Leslie from over at Time out for Mom asked: Gimme Five.   Reasons for Living that is.

Hmm,there are the obvious choices: David, friends, family, of course, I could simply list 5 names that are closest to me, but that would be too easy. So, let’s ponder a little more. Why do I live? What is living? Purely existing? I hope not. What is living to me? As much as I hate to say it, making money (to live) is a big part of living. It is not the reason for living and not the most important thing in my life, but it takes up a whole lot of my time. The good thing is, making money a.k.a. work, a job – can be fun, too.

And having fun is definitely a good reason for living. What do I consider fun? Spending time with friends and family, being at the beach and ocean, watching a sunset, windsurfing, cooking – especially together with friends. And how to have fun differs for everyone for obvious reasons. So, what do you consider fun in your life?

One other thing that for me is part of being alive, is learning. I like to learn new things or improve on ‘old’ ones. Of course, I do have my preferences and there are topics that I learn easier, just because I prefer the subject. I love to try out new recipes, so cooking is big on my list and computers, even though my desktop currently lies in pieces behind me. But just in general I am curious and I rarely say, if ever I have said it, ‘it has always been like this, so…’ – I don’t like that sentence. It always seems to be a pretty cheap and quick answer. My standard reply is: Why? And maybe there is a very good reason why it has always been, but don’t be too lazy, too uninterested, too something to find out, o.k.?!

Well, I feel I am straying from the subject here – o.k. reasons for living – you already know that I am no philosopher, and I am not really religious (when it comes to church as an institution), but I believe and I care. I care about David, my friends, my family, nature, the Earth and also my extended virtual friends and family, which means you. You have become a part of my life. Why would I write this blog otherwise? Only for me? I don’t think so. If I were, I could write a diary in the dark of my closet. But I am not much of a writer. As you know I love taking photographs. I also love to look at them and so I have several hanging on the walls of our home. But getting feedback from you – that brings them alive. And with them, also me.

Have I answered the question? Hm, probably not in the true sense of really posting a list of five. But all of the above combined – possibly a little bit more to add some spice – is enough reason for me to continue to live and feel alive. And I sincerely hope that you have found your reasons for living and that you enjoy them as much as I enjoy mine.


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16 thoughts on “Reasons for living | Tuesday Coffee Chat”

  1. A maple leaf!! In the snow — I feel right at home. 🙂

    And even if you didn’t make a perfect list: I love pondering you!! Family, friends, love, etc, those are the easy ones to determine, but getting down to the deeper, less obvious ones is difficult. Because even if we lose our loved ones, life normally still goes on. Maybe not the same way, but we do live again and find joy. So I liked the way you followed all this through.

    • Thank you very much, Leslie. It was not that easy, I admit. And I walked away from the post a few times and re-wrote it. But in the end I said that’s it, no more.
      As for the leaf, I really am not sure if it fell and stuck there naturally or if someone put it there. I didn’t and I loved the way it looked with the shadow and all.

  2. Loved your reasons for living! I’m with you on learning…..and the beach! The ocean is such a relaxing, restorative place! But since I don’t have one near me, I’ve found that rain and smaller bodies of water have a similar, though not as powerful effect.

    Nice to meet you! Just cruising over from Coffee Chat!

    • Hey Kim, thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. I agree with you on the rain, too – it does have a very soothing effect. I used to have an apartment under the roof, with a roof window built in. And when it was raining, my favorite place was right there.


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