Red Maple Photos

Remember my last post for our Sisterhood Stories Circle? I told you that I had just gotten a new lens, a manual macro lens with which I captured some fab blossom photos in our local arboretum. Then I got a little challenged with capturing pictures of water drop photos – you can read about it and see for yourself here -. But I think I got the hang of it now.

So, on Sunday late afternoon, just before sunset, I took a very brief trip back to the arboretum. You know, I just needed to get out of the house and clear my head. And what better way than to walk in the arboretum in some beautiful spring weather?

And look what gorgeousness I found. I have always loved Japanese maple and copper beech or red maple. I guess there is something about the deep red color that I love. I’ll show you why with a few close ups or not so close ups. Again, all taken with the 100 mm macro lens. See for yourself, here are several very different red maple photos: Japanese Maple Behind a curtain of Japanese MapleRed maple against the sunRed maple against the sunVeins @ 100 %Red Maple - textured To see some more wonderful photography please follow this link to Kay, being next in line of our Sisterhood Stories Circle, please check out her fabulous photos at Kay Maguire Photography.

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10 thoughts on “Red Maple Photos”

  1. You know of course I was singing Oh Canada through the entire photo viewing? 🙂

    You captured them beautifully though. I have a red maple in my front yard that is just starting to bear it’s leaves now.
    And we have a regular maple tree in the backyard.
    lotsa maple round here — I guess that’s why I never thought to shoot it.

  2. Japanese maples are my favorites! If I had the space for more trees I would definitely add one to my garden… Well, one day 🙂 Photos are simply gorgeous Claudia!


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