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Welcome to sARTurday – the Saturday art linkup

**UPDATE** – you really, really have to show me something today, Sunday, because I have tried all day yesterday to get my site issue resolved, with the help of my fantastic service provider/host iHelpers, who I recommend highly. The good news is, it is not the host, not the website (apart from the fact that I broke my theme completely when fiddling around, so the site looks a little off at the moment…), it is my computer. I can post from my iPad or David’s computer, but not mine. So, I will need to search some more. But I thought I would still post the link up and the prepared post today.**

decemberNaBloPoMo is over, AEDM is over, but that doesn’t mean that sARTurday is over. It is here, it is the weekend and I need you, really need you to show me some of your creations.

Why? Because I don’t have much of anything for you today. Yesterday, for the first time in months, I sat down and spent about 20 minutes handlettering and doodling the below picture. I know, it is not much and I am going to add some watercolor to it today, but it really was the first time in a long time that I actually drew on paper. Such a great feeling. So very – relaxing. It is hard to describe, in a few words: Art is good for me.

Is art good for you, too? For me whenever I cannot for one reason or the other be creative, I get irritated. I mean seriously, non-productive and unbelievably unhappy. I need to create art to be balanced and able to live, better.

How do you feel about creating, have you noticed something similar or maybe totally different? I am curious and hope you will share.




If I have time I will be linking with one or more of the fine people in this collection – check them out!

6 thoughts on “sARTurday art on a Sunday”

  1. Ah ha! You are in business, again. And, I am linked. Thanks for all that you do. I have a great respect for beautifully, creative people such as yourself. I feel privileged to be in your midst, because I am not of your caliber. I just try to capture feelings with words, because I think it is important. They are so often used only as weapons. There is a yin and a yang. Both need to be spoken for either to have meaning. Hugs.

  2. Here you are! šŸ™‚
    I sometimes doodle and love hand-lettering. I’m not very good at it but I enjoy it so there’s that.
    Hope your tech issues will get resolved soon! xoxo

  3. Oh shoot! I was out of the house all day Sunday and didn’t see this until Monday afternoon! I have a partial post in my drafts ready to be finalized …. but linky closed. šŸ™
    Well – I will be ready for next Saturday anyway. And as much as I like the manga and other stuff, I enjoy these paper art creations too. There is always something about getting back to basics. Most of the time when I write, I still do the first draft, or at least notes, on paper —— with a pencil even. There’s just something about that scratch of pen on paper that is soooo satisfying when you’re creating. Much like I need to pick up an actual book every now and then instead of reading on a tablet or my laptop. Just the FEEL, ya know?

  4. Site issues are always aggravating. You have my sympathies. Thanks for dropping by to check out the Meteora post recently. It’s nice to connect with you again. šŸ™‚ I enjoyed your Christmas decoration doodles. Cheers!


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