September 1st


Yep, September is here and it is a ‘yay’ and ‘oh no’ for me. Always. September can be such a lovely month. Not too hot, not too cold, lovely evenings and cooler nights and on top of it, it is the month David and I got married. But it also means the end of summer is close. Too close for my taste. I love summer and want it to stay. One of these days I will have to move south (again) to get away from winters and, even worse, those wet and yukky months of dark, cold and wet weather of not being fall, nor being winter. Hate it. I guess it is all part of the circle of life.

September 1st also means that it has already been almost two months that two very good friends from Germany visited us. Well, they were actually on a business trip working for the same company as David. But that, of course, meant that the four of us at least went out to dinner one night. And Marco even stayed with us, so we had a little more time. It was only a brief visit, but it was very good to catch up after, oh my, more than two years. Time does fly when you’re getting old(er).

Last time Petra visited she had to go to New York City, because she hadn’t been in… I don’t know, 10 years? No problem, so we did that last time. This time we had dinner a little closer. Emphasis being on ‘little’, because we went to Hoboken, just across the Hudson from the City. It had been a warm day and Marco had spent the afternoon walking around his old neighborhoods in New York, while the rest of us worked in the office. We met at the restaurant, Zylo’s, which is directly on the waterfront. Big plus, especially for us Europeans, it offers outside dining, including a fantastic view of the New York skyline. And the food and drinks? Pretty darn good!

Naturally I had my camera with me and snapped a few skyline photos and portraits of Petra and David. Marco was too shy – well, o.k. he is not really shy, but, quite understandably, walking the City in humidity and heat had left their marks 😉 So, I will leave you with these photos and one question, I am curious after all: What does September mean to you?

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5 thoughts on “September 1st”

  1. Lovely pics. Love the skyline – it’s so different and I don’t really have any skylines of cities to photograph, unless I go down to Miami, and I like to avoid that when I can. As for the warmer weather – come to Florida – then you’ll be so much closer to your beloved Bonaire!!! 🙂
    Also, just as a side note, my mom’s name is Petra and it’s also my littlest middle name and I have a very, very good friend in Germany and his name is Marco… much more common names there then here, don’t you think?
    What does September mean to me – for one, it’s probably the hottest month of the year here and also the month when hurricane season really revs up – always on the back of my mind. But it also means that all things fall are returning and with it my beloved Pumpkin Spice teas and coffee!!! 🙂
    Hoffe du hast eine wunderschoene Woche!

    • I know what you mean with not wanting to go to Miami, I have to be in the mood for the big city myself. Believe me, if it weren’t for job(s) we’d be moving somewhere permanently warmer. But you never know… one day we may.
      Hehehe – my childhood’s best friend’s name was Petra. And as for Marco, yep, he sure is from ‘east of the border’ 😉 For sure those names are not very American, but then think about all the women here named ‘Heidi’…
      Really, September is the hottest month down there? Didn’t know that and as for hurricanes, we’re only a few weeks away from our yearly trip to the Outer Banks, NC and in both previous years we missed a hurricane by a few days (which then, of course, hit NJ when we were back in home).
      Pumpkins – yum, definitely something to look forward to 🙂

  2. wow, your photos are super good. I so agree, as we get older time seems to fly by so fast,like blinking.
    That song is bittersweet for me, I really love it but it reminds me of a loved ones death. It came out when my Uncle died and it was playing constantly.
    But,overall Like you I equate September with happy times because of my anniversary AND the beginning of Fall, it is beautiful in Ohio in September and sometimes October but then that is about it. That is why I escape to Arizona now, like you those dark,damp,grey days really wear on me now.


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