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coffeechat-2Leslie from over at Time out for Mom asked: Show me love. What are you loving (or not loving) right now.

I love that David & I have things we both love doing and thus spend vacations together. On the plane I read an article in a magazine talking about how more and more couples are taking vacations apart, because they are having different interests. I actually think it is great that we are able to do that these days. You know hotels etc. catering for single travelers. I am certainly game for a photo trip and unless it is an African Safari or such, I am sure David would not enjoy it. And I would not want to have him drag along. So, while I am liking the idea, at this point I am definitely loving that David and I are spending our vacation together.

Which brings me to my next love: Travel & vacation. I love to see and explore new places. Getting out of the same-ol’, same-ol’. Which I can only do when I am on vacation. I have to admit though that with the few vacation days you get in the US, we are now spending them 95 % to pursue our other ‘love’.

Windsurfing. Combined with being at or on the ocean, the beach, the wind, the sun – aaaah – BIG time love! Nice side effect – windsurfing gives you a whole body workout while you are actually having fun. Well, mostly fun. It is not always enjoyable crashing full blast into the water. After only two and a half days, I already have two nicely developing bruises, some skin missing off my toes, a broken toe nail and a cut on my ankle. Also, the antibiotics make it really tough not getting sun burned. But guess what: I am loving it and am having fun!!

Sorry, no windsurfing photos yet, because I am taking full advantage of the wind. Here is a few I shot with my iPhone: 1) a panorama of our windsurfing bay, the beach we went snorkeling on Sunday and a couple of the locals, not at the beach, but very close 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Show me love @ Tuesday Coffee Chat”

  1. Lovely, lovely pictures! And, I’m with you on vacationing together – that’s very nice! It’s really quite sad when couples drift apart. I’m happy that you guys are like us in that you enjoy sharing your time with each other.

    • Thanks, Cathy! Yes, it is sad when couples drift apart, but it does happen and sometimes nobody is to blame. Interests do go different ways. And if taking a vacation apart to enjoy the rest of the year together, I’d be willing to do that.

  2. Hey, nice ass!
    bwwwahh! sorry, apparently I love a good guffaw.

    I spy clothing down by the water’s edge on that gorgeous pana shot — some skinny enjoying the dipping? ha
    (I think the carpet cleaner is getting to me today — we’re doing our carpets.)

    I am glad you guys are having fun, sorry about all your boo boo’s though. ouch. And I heartily agree with your Love of traveling.
    I miss it probably more than anything I did prior to the arrival of kids. I wish we had all the money to do the things I’d love to do, places I love to go, and show them all the really cool places in the world. but, we also like to eat, so there’s that. 🙂
    can’t wait to see more pics!

    • Hehehe – you almost spy-eye correctly. Those are our clothes, but we come prepared when going snorkeling, having the swim stuff under our t-shirt and shorts. So, no skinny-dipping 😉 It would be quite ‘hazardous’, because most snorkel spots are also dive spots. And there were other cars, but no people to be seen = they must have been underwater. Wouldn’t that be a sight?! LOL
      Those ouchies come with the fun, involuntarily, but they are part of it and accepted. We’ll see how we go, I’ll give you a full status update at the end of our trip


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