Silent laughter – happiness

coffeechatShare something that made you laugh this week is what Leslie from Time out for Mom wants to know today. Well, there are two things, both on the weekend that did not make me laugh out loud, but they made me laugh inside. For pure joy and having fun. So, sorry – no funny story to tell here.

But for the second time this year we went up to Kittatinny Valley State Park to go bike riding. And it was such fun in the beautiful, yet not very warm weather. And guess what, I took my Google Glass along and shot videos while bike riding. I wanted to show you but someone had other plans for me. a.k.a. I couldn’t get the video cut in time for this post. But I will post it soon.

However, the second thing that made me laugh inside was – taking photos. Do you know how long it has been since I took photos with my big camera? For real? It was definitely too long. This winter, aside from some nice snow pics, has just been too long. Such a good thing it is over *insert happy silent laughter*. Last week for the first time I went to the local arboretum and shot some beautiful blooms (you can see the first iPhone shots here).

And on Friday I could not stop myself from buying a bunch of beautiful tulips – not that I tried very hard. And on Sunday, when the light was shining brightly into our den, I set up my tripod, my off camera flash and the tulips and shot happily away. I will have some more pictures to show you. But for now here is one that I edited in a somewhat expressionist way. You know how I love to work in Photoshop & Co. – happy times filled with silent laughter.

tulips, expressionist, purple, fire

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12 thoughts on “Silent laughter – happiness”

  1. This is reason to smile for sure ~ beautiful tulips! I am totally enjoying the weather and the opportunity to use my big girl camera. Maybe this weekend, we can venture to the mountains and it’ll be a great day to capture some lovely landscapes. Have a terrific day!

  2. I love your tulips. Unfortunately I am allergic to them so I can only enjoy them in pictures or outside and at the moment ours are still staying underground.

  3. That picture definitely makes me smile!! Which is just as good as outright laughter. It’s all joy bubbling over. 🙂
    Looking forward to seeing those Google Glass biking pics.
    we did some biking this weekend too – well, hubby did with the kids. Someone had to cook the dinner.

    I bought yellow tulips and purple iris this weekend and took some shots too.
    And my mom brought me a blue hydrangea to put in my garden -so cannot wait for that!
    Oh, and a big reason to smile for me? A very good friend just bought me a telephoto lens for my upcoming birthday!
    I just got it in the mail today and already took some pictures. It is 55 to 250 and also has a lens filter and shade filter.
    I am ready for the moon! LOL

    • It is ‘funny’ how hubbys easily seem to ‘forget’ that dinner does not cook itself, right? I enjoy biking, being in nature, doing something for your body, taking photos along the way = fun times.
      Yes, I saw that iris and, of course, the lens somewhere else. Awesome! What a great friend. I know you will enjoy that one. Wait the next full moon is on 5/14 – get ready!!
      I hope I’ll get to process or rather cut the Google Glass video. I took so many and now I have to shorten it – massively. Biking really is fun, I just got back from a little after work round around town – psst, with a new toy, too 🙂


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