Snow, spring and St. Patrick


As you know by now Sunday on my blog is… Kathy’s from You’ll-shoot-your-eyes-out Song-ography. In the overwhelming anticipation of spring by the majority of people living in the northern hemisphere, o.k. maybe limited to the American continent – yes, I do know that you people in Europe already have your spring – this week’s theme song is:

‘It’s not easy being green’ sung by the one and only – Kermit!

kermit, frog, macro

Green, spring, pretty flowers and colors, loving yourself the way you are – that is what this song tells me. How can I get that into a picture? A green selfie maybe? Hahaha – o.k. so maybe not. But unfortunately spring is not here yet. The only signs of spring are a few rare days when the temperatures are actually quite nice out (50 °F/ 10 °C +sun or -wind). But so far still only snow mountains at the side of the road and no signs of budding trees or flowers. And I guess they’d better not show themselves yet, because there is more snow and freezing forecasted for tonight and tomorrow – insert mega-sigh -. So, I will resort to old photos, as you can imagine I have quite a few from previous years. So, here Is how I am feeling about our current weather:

snow, spring, composite, willow, green

Actually you know there is another ‘green season’ going on at the moment. To all the Irish out there: Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Naturally, being my curious self, I had to look up what this day is really all about. Quite surprising the original color associated with Saint Patrick was blue and he was British. Want to find out more? Read it here in the wikipedia article. There are many parades around the world in celebration of this day and there was even one in Morristown. But as usual David and I had other plans for yesterday – our first bike ride 🙂 But in light of St. Patrick’s Day here is, not a shamrock, but some clover:

clover, shamrock, green, bokeh

Anyways that’s it for me for this Snow, Spring (almost) St. Patrick’s Day Sunday and for this round of Song-ography. Hope to see you again soon.

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27 thoughts on “Snow, spring and St. Patrick”

  1. St. Paddy’s Day is what we call it in our family. We are Irish descent on my Dad’s side of the family, have our own plaid and still have family in Ireland/Wales/Scotland. Story has it that our ancestors came here from Ireland due to religious feuding. He was Protestant, she was Catholic, they married on the sly and the families went into uproar. Some kind family member gave them the money to get to the U.S. and they secretly boarded a ship and sailed here. Came in through New York.

    • You are part Irish, huh, Debbi?! Well, that explains some of your, shall we say, darker choices – in a good way, of course 🙂
      Back then I guess it was really tough having different beliefs. Today, for the most part, in normal lives (not talking extremists here) it is more of an annoyance.

  2. Yesterday was a beautiful day for a bike ride! (I’m in the Philly area). Glad you got outside to enjoy it. Love that clover photo. Unfortunately, when it’s covering my yard I don’t look at it the same way :). Enjoy everything green this St. Patrick’s Day!!

  3. I like your green theme song! Hope that Spring won’t be too far away now! It is not officially Spring yet after all. Love the shot of the leaves hanging down with the snowflakes – pretty awesome! 🙂

    • Yeah, I know, it is not officially spring yet, but then again, we have changed the clock to summertime already. Oh wait, that’s why they call it daylight saving, huh?

      Psssst – they are not real snow flakes, Susi, it is a composite of two shots to get the feeling of ‘Aprilwetter’ across 😉

    • Thanks, Carol. Nope, no real snow, the picture is a composite. It is a shot straight up into the sun (hidden through the white spot/cloud on the top edge) through the willow’s branches. And the same willow right now is also still very much brown and not spring like at all. This was from last year 🙂

  4. Ahhhh, I’m writing this from 30,000 feet flying back to Philly after a few days of warmth, desert and glorious green in Arizona. I can’t even tell you how depressing it is to know I will be greeted by more winter weather this evening upon my arrival. Mother Nature needs to stop exercising her womanly prerogative to change her mind!!! It’s time for more GREEN in my world:). Love the Bokeh in your flower shot! Enjoy your bike ride, and thanks for joining in at Song-ography.

    • Really, did you get internet access? I read on my last flight to Bonaire that UA is increasing their coverage at lot over the near future. Of course, mostly for domestic flights, but it would be so awesome.
      Well, right now the weather is kind of blaaah. Not sure if we will really get snow, maybe a little, but it is grey and cold – that’s for sure. Not green.

  5. There is no green in my neck of the woods – I am sure you are not surprised to hear. Maybe some hints of old, dead grass on the rare bare patch of snow. I think the thaw has begun, but it’s still bitterly cold here today. Although, since I am of half Irish heritage, it is lovely that my shamrock plant decided to bloom this week! Lucky me!

    • You are right, Les. I would have expected nothing else from you, but frost, snow and ice 😉 Hey, but there is a hint of hope, I am sure I am reading ‘thaw’ – that’s wonderful. When we were biking yesterday I was amazed at how much snow there is still piled up, but I guess the piles were pretty big.
      Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you!

  6. I must say that I’m sorry your still going through wintery weather. It’s starting to be spring here more and more each day.
    I love that first shot you have, is that snow coming down? The clover is lovely too. Sending you sunshine and laughter as you await the arrival of spring.

    • Thanks, Ida. I can almost, almost see spring around the corner. It is still so cold, but a lot sunnier these days. Maybe it is coming from your wishes 😉
      No, it is not real snow coming down, but it is a good imitation, right?! 😀


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