Spring into spring!

You know it is Tuesday when you get a post from me with two prompts. And here is the first one:

1. Leslie’s prompt today: Finish the Sentence:  Right now is the perfect time to _________ 

Spring into spring, of course! Bet you thought, I would say spring cleaning. Nope, not me. I don’t particular like cleaning or most any kind of house work, except cooking.

Anyways, there were hints that it was on its way, but now it is definitely here. While I cannot walk around with my camera in hand, still need two crutches, I could not resist and took a few shots with my dSLR from our balcony. I used my macro lens. Just look at the detail in those pictures (click them to enlarge!). I had never known that beech leaves start out as being totally fuzzy. Just wait a few days, maybe next weekend these buds will be full blown leaves and those red ones on the other tree will be in full bloom. Fair bet, you can find me out on the balcony with my camera again.

I had really hoped to get another ride to our Arboretum and the magnificent and huge magnolia tree I took pictures of the previous year, but David had other plans. We also had very cold and wet weather this past week, which makes me wonder if all the cherry trees and magnolia are still showing their full bloom. I don’t know. Maybe I’ll get a chance during the week. But for now I am enjoying the view from my window and balcony.

spring, tree, buds spring, tree, buds

spring, tree, buds spring, tree, buds

2. Kathy’s suggestion for Song-ography is: “Automatic” by Miranda Lambert

Kathy really has knack for finding songs that I have never heard or heard of. Off to ask Google… and apparently it is a somewhat nostalgic song, remembering all those things that got replaced by modern, automatic gadgets and processes. There is no mention of a camera in the song, but I think the second photo still fits the bill. The first one references the song’s second line:

Quarter in a payphone

Drying laundry on the line

pins, clothes

camera, vintage, voigtlander

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28 thoughts on “Spring into spring!”

  1. Yay for Spring! Finally! It has turned cool again here but they are teasing (threatening?) us with 80s next week. Love the clothesline shot. Brought back some fond childhood memories. I love the smell of clothes and sheets hung out to dry on the line!

  2. LOVE the macros. you got Spring! yeah.
    And yes!!! Let’s leap into Spring. today suggested that it might actually have arrived here — but we will see tomorrow if it is another warm and sunny day. I am itching to get into my gardens!!
    never heard of that song either. but I like the clothes line – I think I have those same clips!

  3. I saw hints of Spring up in St. Louis and it was great. When we got back to Florida almost 100 degrees and that much humidity greeted us. I was contemplating getting back on the plane… Love the photos. I always enjoy shooting blooms and flowers.

    • That’s right, Florida girl! You have spring all year, right? Well, no, I know, you don’t 🙂 Yeah, there is something to be said about seasons, although – I could do without at least one of them.

  4. Ooh, totally gorgeous. I love clean, light or white backgrounds but I’m not always that good with them. I’m so awkward sometimes and my photography is too! I suppose that has its own charm?
    Spring cleaning.. bleck!

    • What?! Helloooo, you are Tamara Camera! Your photography is not awkward! In fact I cannot wait for the day that my foot is healed, you are down here in NJ and have a little time. I am in need of a decent profile pic, well, I really want on 🙂
      Glad we agree on the cleaning part – LOL

  5. I REALLY like how your images just see to POP out of the background! Stunning. Sorry to keep stumping you with the song suggestions. I’m HOPING you’ve heard of next week’s Billy Joel song? Thanks for sharing at Song-ography.


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