A Bonaire sunrise never gets old

songographyAnother blog that I have missed for a few weeks is Kathy’s Song-ography. It presents another pretty good excuse for me to go through my stack of photos and share some of them with you. And these ones even relate to my blog absence a.k.a. vacation on Bonaire. With a slight difference – these photos were taken a couple of years ago. They are old, but I can assure you it has not changed much at all. Neither the beauty of the sunrise, nor the location. Which is a good thing.

When I read Kathy’s prompt for this week this is the picture that sprung to my mind immediately: This very Caribbean, sometimes confusing and always weathered, but colorful signpost.


And just because I didn’t want to leave with just one photo from this beautiful morning session, here are a few more. In this one the sun has just cleared the horizon, it is not quite light yet, but definitely not night anymore. Can you feel the silence? So very soothing.

sunrise, lac bay, bonaire, oceanHere are a few more signs, well, sort of, at least one. Mosquitoes, generally unless you are visiting during the rainy season they are not a huge problem. However, we have had our unfair share of bites. Not on the water, not on the beach, but possibly in bed or…

hangout, bar, bonaire 20110312-126

… in other mostly hidden, dark-ish places like the restrooms on the beach. Which coincidentally are also serving as changing rooms. Presenting a big chance of finding out about a mosquito bite in a place you do not really want to talk about – hahaha. But it is all good. It comes with the territory and we still love it.


I will leave you with another one of the sun rising. Taken just a few minutes after the one above. If you give it another 10 minutes, the magic of the early hour will be gone, making way for another beautiful sunny day on Bonaire.

jibe city, windsurfing, sunrise, ocean, lac bayOh, and the sign! Right, that is the Jibe City Windsurfing sign there on the fence. So, yes, there are lots of signs in the Caribbean, too. Most likely for tourists only though. Anyways that’s it for me for this Sunday, this weekend and for this round of Song-ography. Hope to see you again soon.

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10 thoughts on “A Bonaire sunrise never gets old”

  1. That was a great sign on the beach. – I would have never thought there would be a Mosquito Crossing sign. Yikes, about getting bit in the restroom. – The sunrise shots were dreamy.

    • Very true, Ida. And really, the mosquitoes are really ‘only’ where (when) it is dark and possibly moist. So, usually when we are visiting not much of an issue. But the sign is pretty funny 😉

    • It sure is, Kim, already I cannot wait to go back. Those mosquitoes cannot keep me away. And seriously, the early mornings when nobody is around, you are alone on the beach watching the day awaken – it’s the best!
      Of course, I love the following day of windsurfing, too 😀

  2. Honestly, there isn’t much that is prettier than a Carribbean sunset! EXCEPT…maybe seeing Carribbean mosquitos crossing the road! haha….love that sign. Thanks for joining in at Song-ography!

    • Hahaha – I know, right?! The very first year we went to Bonaire, we got there right after rainy season and I tell you, the mosquitoes were pretty bad. There were puddles everywhere, the water hadn’t dried away and, of course, the perfect breeding ground for those little suckers 😉 Hope to be back again regularly 😉

  3. That is one gorgeous sunrise!! I probably would have been so much in awe — I’d have forgotten to take the picture.
    And I love all the bright colours: on signs, buildings and washrooms/change rooms. it’s so beautiful and gives such an energetic vibe.
    we should surround ourselves more with colour.
    and the Canadian summers can definitely use that Mosquito Crossing sign. We get some big bugs up here!

    • Yeah, I totally love all the bright and happy colors there. I have to admit I am more into wearing black myself, maybe with a little color spot.
      Hm, I guess you have too many lakes or waterways up there to have those big bugs, huh? Oh well, one comes with the other, right?


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