Top 5 Pleasures, little or big!

One of my  photography colleagues, Carrie of Cherry Blossom Tattoo, had a wonderful idea for a new weekly blog post. It is a very open, yet somehow personal meme, because what we are asking is for you to share your top 5 pleasures or maybe just 1 little pleasure you experienced over the past weekend. That doesn’t sound so bad, does it? And if you like you may even stretch weekend to week. But we really like to make this a positive experience for you, our readers, as well as for us to start the new week with the oh so dreaded Monday. This is going to be, as Carrie calls it, our ‘movement of appreciation’ 🙂 I’m in! Are you?

Why don’t you join us and share what made you smile this past weekend? Obviously being a photographer, I will jump at any chance to share a photo or two with you. So, this weekend my biggest little pleasure was going on a little bike ride just by myself. This meant that I could stop every two seconds to take a photo. Which I cannot or will not do when I am bicycling with David. So, this time, I took not only my iPhone, but also my DSLR in a Slingshot backpack with me and had a lot of fun. I did a few sprints in between and then stopped, because… I saw clouds. Lots of them. I love clouds! And I got a reflection even though the Whippany river is pretty much dried out. And I also saw bumblebees, they are such cute creatures! Oh, wait seeing the stinger, maybe it is a real bee? How’s that for a little smile on Monday?! And if I stretch the theme a little… well, have a look at #3…

~ clouds | reflections ~


~ bumblebee ~
~ us ~

Last Friday was June 27th. And 10 years ago that David and I met for the very first time. No, obviously this is not a picture of that day, because we don’t have any. This one was taken the minute after our municipal wedding in 2008. But June 27th, 2003 it all started 🙂


(photo taken by Cindy Zeller of SwitzerlandWeddingCompany)


And here is from Carrie’s blog:

I would like to start a little movement, a place where we come together on a Monday and instead of the dreary things we all usually feel and hear about ‘back to the grindstone’ etc, I want us to take 5 minutes to sit and think of 5 simple little pleasures we experienced over the weekend.

It’s not that hard, surely!

I would LOVE it if you could please help me spread the word about this hop…. So, please tweet and FaceBook share… Carrie’s linky is here.

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Thank you for being my reader.


6 thoughts on “Top 5 Pleasures, little or big!”

  1. Thank you so much for joining in with my 5 little pleasures Claudia! I absolutely love your your first photo – great work. Beautiful blog you have here going to add you to my bloglovin’ list now xxxx

  2. Awesome idea Claudia, LOVE your photo…clouds never cease to amaze me! I posted on Carrie’s about the 5 little things from the weekend I appreciated the most.

    I found this quote on pinterest , can’t remember it verbatim..but it was something like “don’t worry if the glass is half full or half empty…just be happy there is something in the glass”.

    Great blog too 🙂



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