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coffeechat-2Leslie from over at Time out for Mom asked to fill in the sentence for her coffee chat today: I would like to see _______ trend disappear in 2014.

Well, since I am not a terribly trendy person in general and in fashion in particular, there is only one trend that I could comment on: Photography. Being a photographer I am surrounded by lots of fabulous and extremely talented fellow photographers. As such I am seeing beautiful photography on every social media platform or blog every day, multiple times. And lately these are the types of images I have seen over and over:



Bokeh of light spots, but no focus point at all. I am guilty, too. These are two of the very few photos of this kind I have in my collection. And I like them, a lot. And I like a lot of the others, too. But there are so many that it almost seems to be the goal to have a totally out of focus photo. Not true. A photo does not have to resemble reality at all. Yes, being documentary was and is it’s first and prime reason, however then there is art. And in art, well, you can do whatever your inspiration tells you. But please, don’t let it be so much of a blur.

And also, subdued color photography – again, it is an artist’s style to have very dreamy, light and soft colored, sometimes – in big parts – blurry photographs. And there are quite a few very beautiful ones that speak to me, too. Heck, I love to blur out lots of background – love it! But I guess, I am just seeing too many of these faded, pseudo-vintage ones for my taste.

And since this is a personal question, these are the two trends 2014 that I would love to see less of. Not disappear, because, after all, they are beautiful and are part of our artistic experience, but…

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10 thoughts on “Trends 2014 | Tuesday Coffee Chat”

  1. Hubby is the photographer in the family and he still takes people and places shots. The only artsy ones are usually of trees. I forgive him though since he got his BA in forestry.

  2. I love the artistic quality of them — but like you say, that is so subjective. I like the two you have here, because the colours are very pleasing to me. but put in other colours and I probably wouldn’t like it so much. but it’s a fine line between the perfectly subdued and blurred shot……and just a blur. And there is always a danger of having too much of a good thing.
    Besides, I’d be ticked if I was a professional photographer trying these shots for years, and some Instagrammer lucks out and gets rich off one of theirs!! LOL
    I like it as a hobby — I don’t forsee ever making money.

    • I guess you just put it in a nutshell ‘too much of a good thing’ – that is probably what is ticking me off. And as for the lucky instagrammer – well, that’s just that – ‘lucky’. In today’s world it is usually a mix of hard work and some luck, and if somebody gets more of one or the others… lucky or tough 🙂
      Just wait and continue developing your skills, you never know what’s going to happen with your photography, Les


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