Virtual Art Show

My first Virtual Art Show

This week promises to be quite exciting. David and I will be trying again (last year did not work out so well) to attend the Rockefeller Tree Lighting in New York on Wednesday night. Like last year David has been invited to an event with meetings and discussions during the day and dinners at night, starting tonight. So later today we will be driving into the City. And tomorrow while David is participating in the meetings I will have time to do my favorite thing: Walk around and shoot! Photos, lots of them. Right now it is snowing here and maybe I will get lucky and for the first time will see New York covered in snow. Wouldn’t that be something?!

And when we get back I will participate in my very first Virtual Art Show (event page). A group of 13 female photographers, including myself, has put together this event, which will be staged on facebook. But don’t worry. If you are not on facebook, you can still visit and shop, as I will explain in a moment.

Each one of us, here is the link to my photo sale, will be offering huge discounts on prints that we have in stock now. Which not only means big savings, but also fast shipping. Although it is not last minute yet for Christmas, it is always nice to get items fast, right? The discounts offered range from 5 to 75 % and will only be available Thursday, 11/29, night from 7 – 10 pm EST (pre-sales Wednesday, 11/28, 7 – 10 pm). Check out our online press release for a few more details of the virtual art show and also this 3:48 min video featuring examples photos of every participating photographer. Mine starts at 3:10 min.

But this isn’t everything. There are a whole lot more photo prints, note cards, iPhone cases, jewelry, cushions and more to be found in the individual albums listed below. And every hour there will be a raffle giveaway valued $100 each and the grand prize at $200, all featuring items of participating photographers. All you have to do is attend and enter here.

Anita Miller :: Nature’s Images by Design
Eva Ricci :: Eva Ricci Studio
Andrea Baker :: AnCar Photography Originals
Ashleigh Coyner :: Bleu Oiseau Photography
Abra Alani Cole :: Abra Alani Photography
Claudia Willison :: ImagesByCW
Angie Turner :: Laughter & Love Photography
Gidget Clayton :: Gidget Clayton Photography
Angela Burtraw :: Angela Rose Photography
Angie Rea :: Beneath Northern Skies
Karen Webb :: Karen Webb Photography
Ivy Ho :: Angsana Seeds Photography
Melissa Lund :: Melissa Lund Photography

No facebook? No problem! You will still be able to enter the virtual art show event page, the single albums and also click on the individual items to see them full size. What you cannot do is post a comment, the chosen way of saying that you want to buy an item. I am aware that the time of our event will make it difficult for my overseas friends to attend, plus a lot of my friends are not on facebook. So, I cannot speak for the other participants, but if you are interested in buying one of my photos, just send me an email and I will comment for you and honor your purchase. No problem.

Well, and this is it. Now I got to run, I have only a few hours left and a lot more things to take care of before heading to New York City. Stay tuned for more City photos 🙂

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