Waves and clouds

coffeechatYou are You, and No One Else Is Youer Than You! What Makes You Unique? Leslie really has some fun question over at Time out for Mom for us, doesn’t she?! So, click on the picture to the left and read her answer. I bet it is going to be a good read – she does have a way with words, you know, but not only that.

As for me, to be honest I cannot really wrap my head around answering such a philosophical question – sigh. It has been a long day, in a row of long days. Well, technically actually not really long days, because I did not stay late, late. But for the time I was at work, no lunch break and under steam all the time, every minute. I think I am really starting to feel my age…

I love what I am doing. I am dedicated once I am committed. Very much so, and I just go. But right now, I feel like – no more. So, what makes me me? I’ll continue, I’ll keep at it – at whatever I choose, hah! But maybe, just maybe I’ll choose something else. To do. For now. And that is me, too. I am free to choose and it sure does happen that I change direction when I don’t like what I see.

And for now that just means that I quit babbling and rather than through my inadequate words, let one of my photos speak. Usually I do not give my pictures a title, but I looked at this one and immediately thought ‘hmm, waves and clouds…’

Waves – dancing with the clouds

waves, clouds, lensbaby

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8 thoughts on “Waves and clouds”

  1. Yep, you’re totally unique with your photography style. I just love how the clouds and waves sort of converge on the eye. Did you use your LensBaby on this one? Really cool effect! I have a new WP blog home. I hope you’ll come by to check it out. Tell me what you think! Don’t worry, my blog button that you have up will auto redirect. You don’t have to change unless you want to. 😀 Happy, happy Tuesday!

    • Cathy, woohoo! You finally made it to be proud owner of your very own domain 🙂 and not blogger anymore. Love it! And of course, I changed the button link – gotta have it right.
      Yes, this was taken with the LensBaby, it sure is a cute little toy. And now I’ll have a look at your new home…

  2. My “unique” may be my voice — yours is definitely your eye! What a stunning picture. Just like Cathy said; the way both the waves and clouds appear to be coming right out of the picture at you — a cool 3D effect you’ve captured!
    How we see the world, the filter we view it through, and the moments we choose to capture in time, is definitely one of the most unique things about us.

  3. I think you are very unique and your pictures are wonderful. thank you for sharing them. I understand being tired of work so I hope you will look forward to being retired because then you won’t be tired.

    • Aww, thank you so much, Judy. Haha – and thank you very much for making me smile today when I read your comment – the play with words. And, yes, I am definitely (already) looking forward to retirement.


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