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coffeechat-2It seems like I have been trying for the longest time to blog on a regular basis. So, what happened 2013? I guess you could say that with the two memes I am hosting or participating in on Wednesdays and Fridays I am kind of regular. But I really would love my blog to be more than ‘just’ weekly link ups. Don’t get me wrong, they are fun and I have met a some fine people through them that I am now calling my ‘virtual friends’. You can find three of them on the right here in my sidebar. Obviously they also have blogs and they write about things as diverse as every other one’s life. Susi of BocaFrau – another German married to an American. Actually she took it a step further and became an American citizen. Hilary of Feeling Beachie – a lover of the beach and a writer, like David, with the bonus that she has already published her first book (Dangled Carat) – need I say more?! And Leslie of Time out for mom – while the title of this blog would imply not being … so much for me, Leslie has got such a direct and refreshing approach to everything, it is just big fun to read her posts, and comments.

flower, bouquetLeslie is hosting another weekly meme every Tuesday, asking a question and anybody who would like to can answer and join in her coffee chat. Did I mention she loves coffee? As do I – at least the one brewed with my DeLonghi, not the one you usually get served in American hotels… Anyways, for the longest time I had wanted to join this meme, probably not on a regular basis (knowing my life and time constraints), but every now and then cannot hurt. And what better time to start than with a question like this:

What is the best thing that has happened to you, since last Christmas? Easy, right?! Wrong, dead wrong. Why? Well I guess,it just was a pretty ordinary year. Hm, actually, do last year’s Christmas gifts count? No? Oh well, I thought I’d check. O.k. let’s do this in a very organized and German matter – I will skim through my photos month by month.

January – I was flown to Berlin to the head office of the company I just started a job with, meeting lots of new people. That is actually two to three good things in one, right?!

February – I went on a snow & ice photo tour with a photographer friend – I like that

March – nothing much going on here. David and I went to the Comicon in Astbury Park at the NJ shore = beach, that’s not bad!

April – a quick trip to the City, lots of spring power, ahem, flower, our vacation trip to Bonaire – going sour with David’s broken hand – still not bad, but…

May – not much going on except for preparations of the very first weekend roadshows at Costco here in NJ, presenting our company’s pizza

June – oh – that was a good one, I attended a photo expo with lots of seminars, interesting people, speakers and photo shoots – exciting! And flowers from hubby sent to the office

July – lots of bike riding, visit from two German friends, a little photo shoot for my company’s magazine and a business trip to San Antonio, TX – not bad…

August – dead, so dead – hardly any photos

September – aaah, yes! – my surprise weekend getaway for our 5 year anniversary – my hubby is such a sweetie! That was followed by my sister’s (+ family) vacation / visit of a lifetime to the US (one week with us and then 2 weeks touring the North East to see the Indian summer) – we had a great time together, roaming NYC and at the Delaware Water Gap!

October – one week vacation at the Outer Banks is always good, as is a photo walk in NYC, this time with travel photographer Elia Locardi and about 100 or 200 others – good fun

November – unbelievable, but not one single photo with my big camera, only iPhone shots, must have been very busy or distracted or… blame it on lyme… and again I got flowers sent from hubby to my office

December – Rockefeller Tree Lighting 2013 (come back to see my post and photos of this event tomorrow, on Wednesday here on my blog) flowers, bouquet

So now you are probably still asking about the best thing happening to me since last Christmas, right? Well, I can hardly say ‘my hubby’ or ‘my family’, since neither of them happened since last Christmas. How about this: Starting a corporate full time job in January pretty much messed up the way we had organized our life for the past two years since we came to the US. No more time to do anything (much fun) except for going to work, making breakfast, lunch, dinner, tidying/cleaning and a little bit of sports and fun on the weekend. Photography?! Uh oh… Blog, website? What is that?! I feel that finally I am starting to get things back on track, with David helping as much as he can, in many ways (did I mention ‘flowers’?!). So, there you go, that is my answer: Good and bad things happened since last Christmas, but the best thing is, that we came out of it stronger, together and are enjoying our life together.

How about you? What is the best thing that happened to you since last Christmas?

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8 thoughts on “What happened 2013 | Tuesday Coffee Chat”

  1. Whew, Claudia! You have had a busy year. It seems like a lot of good things have happened to you since last Christmas. I must say I always enjoy your company and am happy to link up with you anytime through the week. My friends in Blogosphere are an important part of my daily routine through visits, chats, link ups, and comments. 🙂

    • Oh my, Cathy, now I am really embarrassed… how could I miss putting you in the not too long list of my virtual friends?! Boy oh boy, my brain – a Swiss cheese for sure. I will correct this immediately – come back and you will find yourself in my sidebar 🙂 It used to be my daily routine, too, but it cut way down due to time constraints. I guess it helps in filtering out the really important people in life…

    • Thanks, Judy! Naturally it is a list mostly of good things. Just because, it is usually much nicer to talk about those than the opposite, right?! 😀 We are already booked for the next vacation on Bonaire – no injuries this time, please!

  2. It sounds to me like you had a very exciting, full of adventure year!! But then, I rarely get to leave the house except to run errands! LOL
    I loved your photos of NYC -can’t wait to see the tree lighting! But, your beautiful post did remind me of one thing: mom, wife, or just a single – we are all so busy in this modern fast age. It is good to slow down once in awhile, focus – and create some great snap shots of life as it happens! Thanks for joining me today!

    • Absolutely, Les, I am at the point in my life that I am starting to regret not having many photos of myself and friends when I was young(er). Memories, especially visual ones are so important. Having photos on a hard drive is good, but it is much better to print a book or booklet every now and then and then sit back and flip through it and remember – so good… So, I am happy for you and your new (phone) camera to take lots of good (!) snapshots 🙂

    • It seems that way, doesn’t it? Help you, maybe – but you paid me, too and it was my pleasure. Right now I don’t think I could do it again – time!!! Thanks for the bacon and pi, hope you’ll get some, too


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