Willison Family Reunion

Willison Family Reunion 2012 ~ Birch Bay, WA | part III

Heidi, Bob, Kruger, David, WillisonOn Sunday we had breakfast at the Birch Bay Getaway, because we wanted to find out what was happening with the internet, that was supposed to be working, but did not (a problem with their provider). This was followed by – you guessed it – us driving to the Kruger’s place for lunch.

Heidi, Bob


Want to know who we met during these three days? In no apparent order and I am almost certainly I am missing people: George Lake, Dave & Bev Willison, Nanette Lorenzen, Gary & Judy Kruger, Mike Kruger Lulu, beachwith Tara, Jessica, Flynn, Arial, Mia and Shadow, Bob Kruger & Heidi Hohmann with Lulu, Floyd & Marylou, Wendy, Patty, Glenda, Bethann & Eric with Levi and Amelia, Michelle & Tomm with Isaac and Audrey – I am pretty certain I forgot somebody and I do apologize. Let me know and I will gladly amend the list.


Eric, ameliaHeididavidBob

Being still pretty stuffed from breakfast we only had a small lunch and decided to go for a little drive north to the Semiahmoo Park. We took the scenic route along the coast and stopped briefly to eat some fresh blackberries right from the bush – yum! At the park we checked out the little museum about the local fishing industry, which used to be the main income up here. Really interesting iron chink, fish, processing, machingand well worth visiting if you are in the area. Then we decided to sit for a while at the local, rocky beach enjoying the sun, before we met with Stacy and Art for a drink (or two) at the bar of the Semiahmoo Resort overlooking the bay in the most beautiful weather you can imagine. Pretty soon it was time to get back the Kruger’s, after all, we had opted to go on a boat ride to check their crabbing pots.

By the time we got to Birch Bay, the first batch of people had already returned with a load of dungeness crabs and the kettle full of water was being heated. Gary was ready to take out the next load of willing visitors after dinner, including David, Stacy, Tomm & Isaac and myself. What a blast! I had not been on a fishing boat since, well forever! crab pot, gary, davidTalking family holidays in Denmark some 20 years ago. Once we had everyone loaded in the boat we were headed off towards the horizon, right into the sunset. I just love the feel of the salty air in my face while bouncing over the waves… Soon enough Gary found his markers and started pulling up the crab pot. I saw it coming up and … it was completely filled with crabs. Now, you have to have a license to crab and you are not allowed to take just any crab. i.e. you have to put females back into the water and any crab under 6.25″, too. There was a female one, but none of the others was too small. So, we took out our quota of 5 crabs per licensed fishermen and then put the pot back into the water, before heading back to shore.

claudiafishing, boat, Stacy, Claudia, Gary, Tommsundown, sunset, birch baysunset, clouds

crab, gary, davidOnce we were back David started a fire in the pit at the beach, while Gary was killing and cleaning the crabs we brought back.  We then concluded the 2012 family reunion with a few hours around the fire, eating s’mores (except for me, I hate marshmallows) and drinking beer, wine or Gin & Tonic. Life is good!

To finish this photo travel blog and the 2012 Willison family reunion – we left Birch Bay, WA Monday morning at 8 am, boarded our plan at Seatac airport at 11.20 am and arrived into Newark on time at 8:20 pm to be home at a quarter to 10 at night. Again we were tired, but the weekend was totally worth it and we are looking forward to our next meeting.

BIG thanks to everybody, especially Judy and Gary Kruger, for making this happen!

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