Winter Reflections

coffeechatYou realize, it’s a moral imperative that you pull a prank for this chat prompt, right? typically Leslie from Time out for Mom – too untypically for me. Sorry, I do not pull pranks. Really, I don’t. Just like I do not bet. I just don’t. I know pranks are considered harmless and so are some bets, but it is just not me. I am a very straight up German gal! And we all know Germans are serious people who don’t do pranks.

Hahaha – I almost believed myself there for a moment. But seriously, I am not very good at pranks, in fact, when I do, a lot of times I actually feel a little bad for the person in the center of the attention.

And now that that’s out of the way, what do I blog about now in this post? No idea. There are a few things on my mind, but nothing for the world to hear right now. So, how about – for a change – I will keep this sweet, simple and short and just show you my latest processed photo. Winter reflections, while it almost seems as if we can feel spring – no, no April fool’s prank, but, ssssht, don’t say that too loud and scare it away. Please!

Cold reflections

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6 thoughts on “Winter Reflections”

  1. Whoa, this is a gorgeous photo! I am glad that we don’t have that kind of beauty around us. The weather is gorgeous these past few days ~ very spring like. They are actually forecasting temps in the upper 70s here today or tomorrow. Can you believe that? I can’t! That’s getting to be a bit too warm to suit me, but I’ll take it over the cold. 🙂

  2. gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!
    See what you did there? I just oohh and aaaawwwed over SNOW!
    that’s how good you are! 🙂
    always always feel free to share a photograph.

    I love a good prank – but it has to be a harmless one. no chance of anyone’s feelings being hurt. or of course, actual injury.
    my kids loved the fake bugs planted around the house today where they could easily encounter them.
    But I did do some more elaborate ones in college. Ha.

    • That IS a compliment coming from you our snow queen! I still have so many ice and snow photos, but I was really a bit sick of it, but maybe I’ll sneak one in every now and then. Maybe when finally summer is here and we need to cool down – LOL.


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