You are never alone (better watch out!)


Sunday already, weekend almost over, but… it’s not the end of the world. Far from it, although it may feel like it – sometimes. Workdays may not always be the fun that they should be or one hopes them to be, but for the most part I don’t mind them really. I may whine about them sometimes and dread every Monday, but that’s just because I want to do photography related things so badly. And then, come TGIF, the weekend, it just zooms past and is gone. Until the next one. Thank God, there is always a next one. And that’s how it is with Kathy’s You’ll-shoot-your-eyes-out Song-ography. Every Sunday a song inspired photograph (or more than one). This Sunday’s song is: ‘One is the loneliest number’ sung by Three Dog Night!

Thinking about my photos the first ones that came to mind were: Trees. During one of the snow storms this season I took a few pictures around town and there are a few very lonely (and barren) trees. They really do make for quite a nice picture. However, you just have to take my word on that for the time being. Because I am soooo over winter, that I refuse to show you another winter picture for – at least – another week!

Surfing OBX

So, instead I went digging and found these ones from one of our vacations at The Outer Banks. David was trying out a long board, which a friend lent him. He hadn’t done this kind of surfing since his teens, out there alone, quite happily paddling along, looking out for the next surfable wave…

David surfin'

… when all of a sudden this pelican showed up. So, I took a few shots of the big bird flying it’s rounds…

Lonely Pelican

… when suddenly in my view and photo appeared a second one.

Two Pelicans

Following them along their path, David got back into my photos. And guess, what? He wasn’t so alone anymore. And neither was the pelican. Now it was a whole flock of pelicans. Practicing a fly-by only a few inches above the waves.

David & the Pelicans

In the photo above it almost looks as if the front pelican is being caught by the wave. Alas, he was not, as you can see below.

David & the Pelicans II

Even so. it is quite a sight when they actually do dive right into a wave to catch fish. They make a big splash!

And there you go. One may be the loneliest number, and you may feel lonely, but really – you are never alone on this world. That’s it for me for this Sunday and for this round of Song-ography. Hope to see you again soon.

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18 thoughts on “You are never alone (better watch out!)”

  1. Beautiful ocean photos! I love the one with Dave and the pelicans, all enjoying the setting. These are great for this week’s theme! I know just how you feel about the weekends and Mondays. My longest day is Monday and I dread it, but then it’s all easier from there until the weekend 🙂 Have a great week!

  2. Hi! visiting from Kathy’s. Great photos…and oddly enough, I was thinking of trees too for my shot today…even took a few to post then did a 180! That 2nd bird shot is fantastic.

  3. Claudia what a fantastic idea! I love seeing the world as you see it & now I can listen in too;) btw you posts with your new lensbaby are fab! Mine just came I can not wait to play with it this summer at the lake. Thank you for always shining light on new creative ideas!!

    • Thank you so much, Jessica, your words really mean a lot to me.
      Actually the LensBaby isn’t new, but it is not my main lens and I tend to go long(er) stretches without using it at all. And then – wham – I seem to use it all the time for a while, until…
      Thank you!

  4. FANTASTIC series of photos! The pelicans bring me mentally right back to our summers at Corolla Light on the Outer Banks. But I have to say, that first photo….WOW. Truly makes me wonder what he is contemplating as he stares out at the ocean. I have been surfing, and I know what “I” would be thinking….but I’m sure he is much more confident! haha. Thanks for joining in at Song-ography. Always a treat to stop by and visit here.

    • Thanks, Kathy, it sure is fun to dig through old photos or shoot new ones according to your chosen song 🙂
      Oh, yes, OBX and surfing – I am fairly sure that I’d be thinking something totally different than David… at least (and not only) with respect to surfing, he is a lot more confident than I am! I’m glad you like the photo – colorkey can be so overdone, but gray and yellow is such a fantastic combo. See you next Sunday – latest!

  5. Which I actual find a sad true really, as our world has become so crowded, not with animals and birds but with humans. Finding time to be away from our own species is really rather tricky nowadays


    • You know, Molly, you are right. When I wrote the sentence I really meant it in the way that you do not need to feel lonely, because there is always someone there for you. However, now that I read it again, I can definitely also see it your way. And I agree, too. Sometimes crowds can be so overwhelming…
      Thank you for visiting and leaving your virtual footprint 🙂

  6. How did I miss this awesomeness this week!? Very cool capture.
    I love the image of him standing alone with the board, facing the waves…..but the pelicans is magical!

    • Hm, you know, Leslie – looking at the post and the pictures again and again, I think you are right. I absolutely love this pic of David, because it incorporates so much of what makes him… David, but then in unison with the pelicans, quite magical. Thank you.


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