DIY project: Shower – update

Our diy project: Shower – days #4 – 5.

diy project shower greenboarddiy project shower greenboardDue to our niece’s visit our ‘diy project shower’ got put on hold for over a week. But finally last week I started to do some more work. Actually I did what David calls ‘demolition’!

After having left off last time (you can find the post here) with only the tiles and green board on top of the divider gone, I decided to start with one of the sides first, to see how much damage was done. I anticipated that I would have to chisel away the tiles and then the green board behind it. So, I got a hammer and a chisel-like tool and got to work.

But surprise, or maybe no surprise (?!), the tiles came off clean. Well not clean, but in in one piece off the board for the most part. Actually sometimes more than just one at the same time. Basically they just needed a little push to peel off the green board. There was still glue or some mastic stuck to them, but we were not going to re-use them, so that diy project shower greenboard molddiy project shower greenboard moldwas fine. The green board behind it looked black with mold and was soft, so I started gnawing away at it, to find it hollow behind it. Seriously, I did not know what to expect. Spiders and ants seemed to like that space a lot. I mean, what’s not to like: Dark, wet, warm, quiet – very nice! Anyways, after I had removed this first side I decided that we would better remove everything. Because removing the first panel showed that also the inside i.e. the panel on the other side was moldy. Hence I ripped it all off. First the tiles and then the green board. What a mess! And quite smelly. Wet wood and cement are not really my favorite smells. It actually did not take too much time to take off the board, because some of it came off in big pieces. Worst to get off were the totally rusted metal corner strips that diy project shower greenboarddiy project shower greenboardheld the green board in place. But they could not resist for long. The last thing I did was pull out all the rusty nails.

And now we have a hollow wooden structure between our shower and bath tub that is in dire need of some re-doing. For the past few days it had a chance to dry some more, while I had a look online for the ways to rebuild it. We decided to tile it, since 1) we would have to enclose the one bathtub wall first if we did glass blocks and 2) we thought a little accent color in the bathroom would be nice.

diy project shower greenboard bath tubdiy project shower greenboardSo, while David will be in Germany for most of the week, I will go shopping and hopefully do some ‘building’ work on our diy project shower. More on this next project shower greenboarddiy project shower greenboarddiy project shower greenboarddiy project shower greenboard




8 thoughts on “DIY project: Shower – update”

  1. You are a brave soul! I don’t think I could muster up the nerve to a DIY project that huge, so kudos to you.. 🙂 Good luck and I hope everything goes well. I look forward to seeing pix after all work is done. I’m now also your newest follower. 🙂

  2. Wow…amazing! Looks fun and wish I had the skills to do that to my ugly shower. Saw your link on the etsy interactive blog team and stopped by to see your blog.

    • Thanks for stopping by! Unfortunately our shower also still is very ugly. Today I have tiled a little, so it is slowly going in the right direction. Stay tuned for the next update.


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