New York City, Flatiron Building, Chelsea & Times Square

Day #5 saw us taking a break from sightseeing due to increment weather i.e. rain. Instead we went shopping! But on day #6 we were back on track again and went to the City one more time, even though the weather still was anything but great. Our plan was: New York City, Flatiron Building, Chelsea – Highline Park & Times Square.

Flatiron Building, NYThis time we parked in Midtown and started our tour by looking for the Flatiron Building. It did not take us too long to find it. We were actually walking towards it from the back, so it looked just like any other nice old building in New York City. Only when we got to the corner we could confirm that it definitely was the Flatiron Building. Amazing how narrow it is at that end. I wonder how the rooms are inside… After having a snack at a Starbucks we went to the Chelsea Hotel, Highline Park, NYwhich is currently closed to the public due to renovations. Which also make it almost impossible to see the outside. But, it was our meeting point for a walking tour. We had decided to take part in a Big Onion Walking tour of Chelsea including parts of the Highline Park. I had read London Terrace, Empire State Building, Highline Parkabout these tours on the internet and Chelsea, row of houses, iron gates, NYCalways wanted to go, but never had a chance. Until now. Starting on 23rd St we walked north one block on 7th Av and then headed west on 24th St until we stood in front of London Terrace (biggest apartment building?) on 9th Av. Going south until we turned west on 20th St, walking past The Muffin House, where the Thomas English Muffins were invented, towards and up to the Highline Park, which was to be our finishing point of the tour. During the tour we had multiple short stops, after having a longer introduction right at Chelsea Hotel, during which Jill, our guide, a student at Princeton, told us about the history of Chelsea and selected buildings and/or neighborhoods. It was really informative, entertaining and almost 2.5 hours that went by very quickly.

Chelsea, NYAfter the official tour had ended Highline Park, NYwe decided to walk a little further on the Highline and decided to go north.  Right now the park is finished up to W 30th St. and there you can still see the old part of it. Old, rusted rail tracks covered with wild grass and weeds. But the view from all of Highline Park is really spectacular and should not be missed when visiting New York. We walked on W30th St. east until we hit 6th Av, which we followed north, except for a little detour via Broadway, to have a look at Bryant Park, this time without the wintery ice rink, and with the intention to finish our day at Times Square. And we succeeded. We got to Times Square and were readily impressed by all the flashing ads on screens and the masses of people standing and walking around. A little while back I had told Sonja and Sandra that there is also a M&M store, so I had no choice, but had to look up the address on my android and since it was just around the corner from Times Square Times Square, NYwe went there. birdfeeder, Highline Park, NYI had not been there before either and was quite impressed by all the different varieties and colors of M&Ms + the merchandise you can get. We were pretty good though and only got M&Ms. We were tired from all the walking all over town. Hence we treated ourselves to a yellow cab from Times Square back to 23rd St, where our car was parked.

This time it was not as chaotic to get out of the City and we made it just in time for dinner. We were going to have an – American – pizza time 🙂

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    • I’m so sorry to make you homesick, Pat. I take it you are from New York City then? I love to visit the City whenever I get a chance. There are probably thousands of more photos on my hard drives. Watch out for them?


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