Octopus for ScribblePicnic with a video how-to of my watercolor picture


Welcome to Wednesday and Friday, as I am a bit pressed for time, on my blog

There is a new art meme or co-op on the horizon! Creative Tuesday on Dotty Hill, Michael MacVean Illustration has retired and new one is born.

Every Wednesday there is a new theme and blog link up. But you may also participate by posting on Instagram or Twitter using the hashtag #scribblepicnic. If you do, don’t forget to tag @dottyhill, so that Michael will find you.

As always I am not sure how often I will be participating. Themes are a good thing to get your creative juices going, however with limited time my picture might really end up being a scribble :).

We will see. But for today the theme is ‘octopus’. And as coincidence has it I had this vision of an octopus girl in my head for a while now, so – I put it to paper.

First in pencil, then ink and in the end watercolor. I even made a video of the coloring part. You will find it as well as the finished piece below.Cheers,



If I have time I will be linking with one or more of the fine people in this collection – check them out!

A watercolor octopus (girl)

21 thoughts on “Octopus for ScribblePicnic with a video how-to of my watercolor picture”

  1. the video looks like it takes a long time just to color but it’s worth the time. the colors and shading are wonderful. good take on the octopus theme.

    have a lovley day.

  2. Claudia! How fantastic to have you join us. What fun that you even did a video which I did watch through. I would have loved to see you do the background which you jsut showed before and after but you get the idea. Great patience to do that. People like you and my wife, Alexandra, who also does watercolour always surprise me at how you can control the paint so well. I am too impatient with it. Anyway, wonderful job and while a striking image (not sure what it is saying?I, it is very well done! I love the eyes and the fact the girl kind of comes out of a heart. So glad you joined us and yes, totally understand it’s hard to do something every week. I am concerned how I will but being the host, will do my very best and hoping it breaks out new areas of creativity and inspiration for me and everyone else.

    Thanks for the links. Creative Tuesday is closing but my blog remains open and now with Scribble picnic as you pointed out !:)

  3. Fun video showing your process! Love the purple octo. I’ve not seen too many octopus girls until today. Quite intriguing. 🙂

  4. you make this look so incredibly easy, but I know it’s not at all. Like I would just have globs of water and ink in spots they are not supposed to be. LOL Love this little illustration.

    • Hey Sarah, thanks for stopping by. I am hosting a very small art-hop each Saturday called sARTurday. It usually opens Friday night or Saturday early morning. Due to traveling it may be a little later tomorrow. Check it out, because ALL forms of art are very welcome. Any art is such an important part of our lives.

  5. As always, you are amazing. Love the Octopus and the idea of the theme. Your videos make it look easy, but it is a matter of knowing where to put what color to get the effect. I may learn yet … if I keep watching your videos 🙂 Thank you, Claudia 🙂

    Andrea @ From The Sol


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