Windsurfing & shower & computer

What do these three have in common, I hear you ask. Don’t you know us? We love windsurfing, taking a shower afterwards and then fire up our computers. Easy, right? No, not as easy. Starting at the beginning…

David, breakfast, deckWindsurfing: The wind forecast for last weekend was pretty good and Saturday did deliver the good southerly winds. After we had our first breakfast on the deck this season, we went windsurfing at our usual spot called ‘Trixies’. Which is part of the Berkeley Island County Park. A pretty neat place not only for windsurfing, but also for crab fishing along the pier or having a barbecue. There is also a small sandy beach with a lifeguard on duty at certain times during summer. Or you can just chill on one of the benches while watching the boats zoom by. Or us, windsurfing. This time there was finally just enough wind that I could inaugurate my new board, which I got at the end of last season. It was so much fun! I just hope we will be having a few more of these windy days before summer gets here. This time we met a few other windsurfers there. Some we had met already last year a few times while surfing or at events organized by the NJ Windsurfing & Watersports association (click to check out their website in a new tab). A couple we had not met before but hope to be seeing more often in the future. After the wind kind of died and we all finished and packed up it was 7 pm and we went to a local Mexican place for dinner during which we talked about each one’s favorite windsurf spot around the globe. Two or three places kept popping up: The Gorge, Baja and Brazil. Unfortunately David and I have not been to any of those. But our intentions are good. If everything goes according to plan we might see Brazil this year.

Shower: Sunday saw our other usual weekend activity: Cleaning the windsurf gear, fixing and lazying around the house. Fixing was not much of a fixing though, it was more like ‘taking apart’. A while back we suspected that the shower in our main bathroom is leaking. And I do not mean the shower head, but the fact that water must have leaked through the grout, having reached parts of the metal joints, which in turn started rusting, leaving us with a brown spot on an otherwise white wall. Not nice! We figured it best to take down all shower walls and tiles to get to the bottom of this. Unfortunately this has proven to be quite a task. Just imagine this: Screws in a very wet environment, and they have not been loosened in 15 years… Right, by the time I am writing this we have all but one screw loose to remove the walls. I hope to finally get this last one this afternoon. I can be just as relentless as that c….d screw! Here are some real yuk photos of that particular screw and shower stall. Do not enlarge these ‘before’ photos, unless… For now we are using our guestroom’s shower and I look forward to posting the ‘after’ photos soon.

screw, shower, rustedwater leakage, rust on the wallwater, leakage, under tiles, grout

Computer: There had to be some real relaxing time. Come on, it is the weekend after all. Therefore after we had soaked the screws in the shower for the umpteenth time with WD40 David started playing a new game he had recently downloaded and I played around with the design of my website and shop. Oh, and I went for a walk in the rain. Yep, Sunday it was raining the whole day and it was so cold. Unbelievable. After having had the aircon on the previous weekend, this weekend we needed the heating again.

I think I will better leave you with some prettier photos. Here are a few of my instagram photos I took on my walk with my android phone. Enjoy!

raindrops, budpurple, flower, raindropsmoss, lichen, raindropspink, purple, flower, rhododendron, raindropsmoss, lichen, raindrops

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