8 thoughts on “More daylight!”

  1. I am so impressed by people who can wake up this early! Look at the beauty you captured! Simple, but glorious. No matter my life, student, employee, working mom, SAHM – I’ve never been a morning person. And just look at what I miss!! It’s a shame, but I am not sure that my night owl tendencies will change now. thankfully sunsets are often glorious too. 🙂

    • Wake up this early? Well, I do, but in this case, it was pm = after work 😀 And you just wait, until about two years ago, I never was a morning person myself. Now, I go to bed as early as possible to be able to get up early 🙂
      And you are right, sunsets are awesome.

  2. Es wird, es wird, jeder sehnt sich nach Frühjahr.
    Danke für Deine immer freundlichen Kommentarantworten!
    Hier blüht zwar der Mandelbaum, aber Winter isses trotzdem noch irgendwie. Trüb, nass, dunkel.
    Herzlich Pippa


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