Beach & Ocean – Instagram WW #18

#18 / 2015 – * beach & ocean * Instagram Wordless Wednesday linky – WW Hop!

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p.s. You are seeing a gallery of my Instagram photos, because in the near future I intend to always post my Instagram feed from the previous week. To do so I am cleaning out the older pictures I have not published on my site yet. This will probably take me a few weeks. Until then, instead of one or two photos you will see galleries with a common (or not so common) theme like this one.


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38 thoughts on “Beach & Ocean – Instagram WW #18”

  1. Ohh, das läszt mich träumen! Ich wäre so gern am Meer… (bin aber eine Bergbewohnerin).
    Fein, dasz die Emailsubscription jetzt auch klappt – danke 🙂
    Liebe Grüsze

  2. Cool! Well, I’ll enjoy no matter what you share with us because you’re such a talented photographer and I always like what you do! Some of these are truly awesome, especially the dark skies and waves picture. 🙂 Which lighthouse is this? Have a phototastic week!

    • Thanks a lot, Cathy, I really appreciate you always checking in with me. You know I love beaches, waves, clouds – basically, everything you see here.
      The lighthouse is on Hatteras.

  3. It’s making me wish for my own beach vacation – one of these days. Oddly, it’s still pretty cool in Cape Cod. Even at the height of heat here, it’s usually about 70-75 there. Always so odd, and wonderful and breezy.

    • Guess what? I am wishing for another beach vacation. I am feeling a little robbed of our last one 😉 It is getting pretty freakin’ warm here. It is as if winter sprung into summer and forgot about spring. But that’s o.k. with me, too, in a way.

  4. wow wow wow!!
    I wanna go to the beach!! yes, I totally whined that. LOL
    amazing shots – so much blue sky and surf and fluffy clouds. you captured it all beautifully!

    Will you have any of these as prints for sale at some point? Because I would totally buy the rainbow with the bistro table, and the lighthouse one if they were ever available!! I am in the middle of redoing our master bedroom and they would be perfect with the colour scheme!! It’s a very tropical feel I am going for. 🙂

    • Whine away. May I whine with you? I want to go back!
      Aah-ha, you’re going to re-do another room in your home, one after the other. Of course, I can put those up for sale, Leslie. Just drop me a line and I’ll be happy to 🙂

  5. You have provided some wonderful beach photos, I have not been in so long.
    Thanks for hosting this linky arty!!

    Hope you have a great day!
    Oh My Heartsie Girl

  6. Love the first image with the chairs and the rainbow! I miss the Hipstamatic phone app on the iPhone (they don’t have a version for Android). I’ve even pulled out an old iPhone (4 I think) to use just for that! Sigh, have a great WW and the rest of your week.

    • Hahaha – good eye, David. I am not sure the first one is a Hipsta shot, but there were certainly a few. But I have to admit it is always hit or miss with the shots I take with it. Which, of course, is fun in its own way. Well, I know there are reasons for and against iPhone or Android, but I admit, I am quite happy where I am at the moment.

  7. These are beautiful captures.I like the captures with rainbow.You are lucky to capture it.
    I really like to watch sky,because sky makes different paintings and we, those who love to capture photographs get more photo opportunities on the sky 🙂


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