Super Spring Weekend

Helloooo Tuesday! What wonderful weather we enjoyed this past weekend, and Monday, too. I hope you are enjoying spring or whichever season you are having, but definitely the here and now. That is what I am very intent on doing these days. I cannot change what lies in the past and I do not know what the future holds for me. So, my motto is: Always try to live and enjoy the here and now!

Which tags along quite well with:

1. Leslie’s prompt today: Tell me about something you think is Super!  

Spring weekend, of course! No, wait, I said that already last week, darn’. But it is still super and I am definitely enjoying it. On the weekend I even went for my first walk in the morning. You know, when I usually go jogging. That felt super. Although later in the day I had the feeling I should have not walked quite as much as my foot felt a little funky. But it got the rest it needed overnight and is feeling fine again. In fact I have started limping along with one crutch and short distances in the house even with no crutch at all. But those are very short walks. Still, it feels super to be a little bit more mobile again. Bummer that bicycling and driving are going to take a little longer, according to my physical therapist a few more weeks. Patience is a virtue, I keep reminding myself.

What else is super? We had our first breakfast outside on our balcony this weekend. I love those, I really do. We could have also had a BBQ at night, but we hadn’t planned for it. So, instead I enjoyed a nice glass of champagne while doing some reading and listening to the bumble bees buzzing the blooming tree. Just so nice and peaceful.

bloom, spring, pink

2. Kathy’s suggestion for Song-ography is: Scenes from an Italian Restaurant” by Billy Joel

Well, Kathy, sorry to say, but I did not know the song either. I googled it, listened to it and – nope, never heard it before. Thankfully though, I do quite like wine. In any shade that it comes in, I might add. So I do have a few pictures I can share that fit the song and these two lines that I very much agree with:

A bottle of red, a bottle of white
It all depends on your appetite

RedWine GIF

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22 thoughts on “Super Spring Weekend”

    • I am trying to always stay positive. And sometimes it just helps to ‘say’ it out loud. I walked quite a bit and exercised yesterday, today the foot doesn’t feel so hot. But I guess that’s why I should take it slow – yep, baby steps. Thanks, Lindsay.

  1. Those pictures are incredible! Super, in fact. I’ve never taken anything like them. I’m not great with the inanimate sometimes.
    Dinner al fresco! So nice. Cassidy and I walked around town on Friday night and no restaurants appealed to me because they all seemed so stuffy. I needed open air!

    • I totally know what you mean about the open air. It was such a change when we came here to the US that hardly any restaurants have seating outside. It is changing a bit, but – not enough. I just love our warm summer evenings outside, and the breakfast. So far it looks like great weather on the weekend, guess where you will find us? 🙂

  2. Ahhh Super!! you used my favourite gif!! LOL
    And I think you can gush about super weekends of breakfast and wines on the balcony ANY darn time.
    it’s almost a moral imperative that you do.
    glad to hear that you are more mobile, and hopefully it won’t be too much longer before we see another Super bike video from you. that trail was beautiful.

    • I knew you’d remember – LOL – I usually try to avoid posting pictures twice, but this gif just fit so perfectly, I had to.
      Well, this weekend is going to be another weekend outside. We are talking about going bicycling on Saturday and having a BBQ at night. So, I bet you’ll see more photos of that. Probably not the GoogleGlass video though.

  3. Haha…Maaaaaaaybe one of these days I’ll get a song you know OR….you can suggest one for me :). Love that animated wine pour! Thanks for joining in at Song-ography!

    • As I said you just have a talent for finding those songs. You know, I probably have a ton of songs, but… do you have a record of which songs you already had on Song-ography?
      The wine pour – hah – my very own, very first, self-made gif in Photoshop…


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