Birch Bay mornings with the iPhone only

We spent the weekend in Birch Bay, WA. Every two years it is the Willison Clan’s Family Reunion. And while we flew in from NJ, the majority arrived from Washington, Oregon and California, but one party came all the way from Hawaii, or so I’ve been told.

Anyways I wanted to show you some pictures of the gorgeous sunrises along with fog and dew drops, but I had a little disagreement with either the hotel’s internet or the app I used to post with directly from my iPhone. So here I am, sitting on the plane, connected to the internet and am typing and hopefully posting this soon. But you will have to wait for the fog photos for a little longer.

 This here is the bay of Birch Bay one fairly early morning. And a heron praying on shellfish.

Purple bloom of a thistle still covered with dew drops, enveloped in spider webs and warm morning sunlight

Spider web hanging on a Pine tree in the same warm light and covered with dew drops.

I am not sure what this is, maybe what a thistle bloom turns into? Looks like a cotton ball – with dew drops.

By the way, did I mention, all these here were taken and edited with my iPhone only. DSLR photos to come soon.

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6 thoughts on “Birch Bay mornings with the iPhone only”

    • It did have a certain feeling about it. Then again, it always does, when it is early, the world has not awaken yet and I am out there shooting… doesn’t happen too often, since I am not too much of an early bird. But those mornings in WA were very pretty.


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