Weasel & Gnome @ the Gorge

Remember last time on Weasel & Gnome? Nicky was scared of falling off the tree, which, of course, she did not. Boss got her shots and after a little while they went back home. Where they stayed. Until last weekend. Boss wanted to go bicycling with David and friends and took Weasel & Gnome with her. Nicky loved the idea, Wally – was suspicious.

NN: ‘Lalalala – a nice bike ride, no tall trees, nothing to fear – lalala’

WW: ‘Bicycling, right…. So, Boss, say, you’re not taking your camera going bicycling then?’

Boss: ‘What do you mean, Wally? Why, of course, I’m taking my camera. You know I’ve got the slingshot backpack, which is perfect for sporty day trips like this. It’s going to be fun!’

WW *mumbling*: ‘Sure it is, just wonder for who?! Surely not for Nicky and I’

But Boss would have none of it and off they went. They actually had to drive quite a ways to meet their friends, but it was a nice ride on a beautiful day. Soon after they got there, Boss, David and their friends got on their bikes, Weasel & Gnome safely stowed in the slingshot (peaking out), and pedaled away. It was such a gorgeous day that Nicky did not even mind modelling a little for Boss. And even Wally tagged along quite happily, both enjoying the sunshine along the river immensely.

Weasel & Gnome in the Gorge Weasel & Gnome in the Gorge

Weasel & Gnome in the Gorge Weasel & Gnome in the Gorge

As usual Nicky got hungry. Being in nature, fresh air, sun bathing, modelling – come on, that’s serious stuff!

NN: ‘Wally, look – this gorgeous old tree stump, ahem, root. There’s holes in it *sniff sniff*. Maybe… there’s… do you think, I could find something to eat in there?’

WW: ‘Oh, come on Nicky, we only had breakfast. And we’re not even exercising like Boss is.’

NN: ‘But I’m starving, Wally!’

Boss: ‘Come on, guys, I’ve got my shots, the others are waiting. We need to get moving.’

WW&NN: ‘Right! We’re ready.’

NN *mumble*: ‘No, WE are not. You may be. I am hungry.’

But it was to no avail, they moved on. And in all honesty, it was a beautiful day and a gorgeous, aaah, gorge, to take a bike ride. But in the end, everybody was hungry. And thirsty. So, at the end they stopped at the famous Long Valley Pub & Brewery to savor some nice food and wonderful ales. Even Weasel & Gnome did get there share, just see for yourself. Of course, somebody (!) had to have wine instead in this fine establishment. Guess who, the person, who also ordered this delicious burger with fries. That even Wally could not resist. While Nicky immediately checked out the fries. o.k. not real health food, but, hey, we exercised!

Weasel & Gnome in the Gorge  Weasel & Gnome in the Gorge

Weasel & Gnome in the Gorge20140816-083

After a few more beers, glasses of wine and dessert, everyone just about rolled to their cars and we were on our way home. Where we had to relax for the rest of the weekend to recover from this very strenuous day.

Well, actually not relaxing only, because Boss & hubby finally got the first part of their collaborative  (long) short story online on David’s website. Yay! Be sure to check out the first part of The Miltonville Mine Mystery. Have a read, I promise it is (so far) still short.

Also, since it has been already two weeks, this post here is part of another round of our Sisterhood Stories Blogcircle. So once you have read our stories here, hop on over to Kay’s post and photos at Kay Maguire Photography.

These are parts I and II of Weasel & Gnome’s adventures with Boss:

Weasel & Gnome in the arboretum part I

Weasel & Gnome in the arboretum part II

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8 thoughts on “Weasel & Gnome @ the Gorge”

  1. A very fine outing indeed, and I think all very much earned and deserved the delicious rewards afterward. And I see nothing wrong at all with beer/wine and french fries! the calories don’t count on beautiful days. truth. 🙂

  2. Well I’ve been away awhile and have missed out on Weasel and Gnome tales (must catch up) but it looks like they were having a grand time!. Funny thing is we have a concert arena in Washington state known as “The Gorge” so naturally I though from your title that’s what you were talking about. I was surprised to say the least.

    • Haha, I am so sorry I misled you, Ida. I know of a different well known Gorge in Oregon, too. I.e. THE Gorge for windsurfing, but I have not heard of an arena. I hope you didn’t mind too much and still enjoyed their adventure. Thanks for checking back in!


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