The truth about being away from my blogging life

I have lost count.

How often have I opened this page, the app and – stared at it.

Until I thankfully got distracted and moved on to something else.

July 9, 2017 was the last post and the last update I did on my website.

I missed it.

I missed you. The interaction, exchange of views and ideas, news – everything. But mostly – YOU.

Still, I never wrote a single word.

And maybe that was my biggest mistake.

Don’t writers say that the best way to write a book is to ‘just start writing’? Similarly in photoart – just throw a couple of photo layers in your project and mesh them up. And painters often just put down a single brush stroke, so that the canvas is not emptily staring back at them.

I hate that canvas stare!

I want to draw, I want to paint, to create, but – what and how and why. Well, actually, the why is easy to answer. Because I love the process of creating, because I love the outcome (most times) and because it keeps my work-stress in check. Yup, that work-stress is still real. In fact at the beginning of this year it intensified and I can only hope that it is going to get better, soon.

But, if all else fails, I still have my art. Yet, also, no money. Who wants to buy some art by and from me? Hahaha – no worries, but I might also be re-opening my Etsy store for some of my photography and maybe even finally get a shop page here on my site. We’ll see, because now I have got a helper! Yup, my dear hubby, David, offered to help me keeping my website updated. Now I just have to get him up-to-speed on my WordPress – LOL – always a new challenge. If you haven’t seen his work, check out David on DeviantArt, where he publishes currently his vector based art, but more importantly his fantasy stories, which are fantastic, not bias here!

It’s all good, we’re going to take it one step at a time.

For now I think I have babbled enough and will leave you with my most recent painting. I am currently working on Tamara Laporte’s Ever After 2018 workshop, which is a fairytale themed mixed media course. I really got to like mixed media over the past few years. My first loves, of course, will always be pencil and watercolor, but – I am really getting into acrylics and, yes, Inktober is just around the corner with lots of inking!

Anyhoo, as you most certainly know a lot of fairytales have very polished, nice and pretty princesses or heroines, right? Well, after painting a few of them, I just felt like giving this one, Disney’s Tinkerbell, my very own little vampiric spin. Some of it may be over the top, but overall I really like how she turned out. I also added a challenge and used only a very limited supply of art utensils – you’ll see all of them on the photo below. Come to think of it, the actual paper is missing in it, couldn’t have done it without that one.

So, for now – farewell and see you soon!

Hope you enjoy!


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10 thoughts on “The truth about being away from my blogging life”

    • Thanks, Debbi! Not sure about the stores though, I have to take it really slow here. I already felt some anxiety (?) yesterday when finishing today’s post. Which, really, is a fairly novel feeling and strange to actually say. Hmmm…

  1. Claudia, I was so delighted this morning to find your blog. Oh, did I miss it! I’ve had to seek your latest news from David. I spent a while at breakfast studying the pictures of Tinkerbell, a wonderful experience. Without the black wings, your incarnation of the character is quite subtle. I was mesmerized, such a fascinating change in the persona of this funny little fairy. I was using the iPad this morning, and the comment section wouldn’t cooperate. The Mac came to my rescue. Yes, I’ve been reading David’s fantasy tale and am quite addicted to it. You are right — it is fantastic! Like your Tinkerbell!

    • Thank you so much!! David told me for months that you and Bev were missing the blog and, you know, I missed it, too. But… I’m sorry you had issues on the iPad, I’ll check the site later on mine and will see if it is something with my site. Thank you for being here!

  2. I was so happy to see your post in my inbox and look forward to more. I get how you are feeling exactly. It’s been very much the same for me… I’ve had some technical issues with WordPress which made it nearly impossible for me to post. So I kept putting it off and off… I’m very seriously considering switching to Squarespace. After playing around with it for a bit, I totally love the ease of use. And it actually makes me want to share photos, and blog.
    I love your take on Tink. She’s very much one of my faves and I have pictures of the cutest Tink’s around for Halloween. πŸ™‚

    • Hi Susi, I took a quick peek at your blog the other day (no comment though, sorry) and read about the issues. I cannot believe that Squarespace would be any better though. I honestly think it is the WP template or OS you or I am using. Maybe try a really, really basic one and see if that works with your app. I don’t like using the app as is, because I want to put bells and whistles on my site. Instagram is my simple photo sharing of choice.
      Thank you for continuing to be here and liking my images!

  3. Hello and welcome back!! Not that I’ve been around much at all either – in fact my old blog is closed lol. (I did start a new one and then haven’t posted much ha) Just like I know from following your Instagram that you have been still busy creating, so I have – just in other places. I think we know we can’t live a life completely void of Art – but it’s so much nicer when we share our worlds isn’t it? I LOVE dark Tinkerbell! So love her… and you know I’d buy your art if I had two nickels to rub together πŸ™‚ Loving David’s story so far and look forward to seeing him here. xx

    • No, you haven’t, Leslie (feel the finger of disapproval! :)) I checked a couple of times if there was any news on Ink Interrupted, but didn’t find anything, not even your new one. Is it public?
      Oh yes, absolutely yes to sharing our art with the world. David constantly keeps reminding me that QUOTE my art needs to be shared with the world UNQUOTE. Of course, I like to hear it, but I do find it hard to believe a lot of the time. I knew (!) that you’d prefer dark Tinkerbell – pssst – me, too πŸ™‚


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