Blog on hold until further notice!


Welcome to the weekend on my blog

My first blog post in exactly a month – wow.  Maybe you already wondered what has happened. I do, too.

Nothing has really happened. These days I just don’t feel like writing. I know many of you bloggers have felt the same at one time or another, so maybe this is only temporary. I am pretty sure it is, because I love my website, I love the internet and – I love you guys.

Most of you have already connected with me on one or all social media. If not I will list them all here – just in case. But also, I have been lurking and testing, which is a platform originally for gamers, but it evolved in so much more. e.g. my favorite youtube artists are live on there drawing and chatting and chilling. I love watching them or people like you and me sharing when and how they make their art in real time, live. It is like watching tv while I am drawing.

Not only do I watch, but I have also already streamed a little myself. Yes, ImagesByCW a.k.a. OceanGrumble was live on (twitch) tv – LOL – and I will be doing another short session later today. I was out and about and took a few flower photos in the arboretum and will be going through them, pick one or two and edit them in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Join me on there and watch me edit a photo and chat with me on early mornings before I had off to work or some time on the weekends.

Since you won’t see me on the blog for a bit, I also wanted to join

  1. My favorite line from a film is I’ll be back, baby. – hahahah – I just couldn’t resist this one at this very moment, because… it is true. And, no, this is not my favorite film, sorry.
  2. Other than blogs, a website I visit often is twitch, SketchDaily and other than social media – Amazon. 
  3. When I feel down, I seek solitude and quiet and/or listen to music. Or I will do the opposite and have a good work out.
  4. If I could make enough time and money I would travel cross country in an airstream. 

Never mind the follower count, which somehow is slightly screwed up…

And that’s it from me, on here, for now. I hope to be seeing you on twitch or any of the other social media soon. Enjoy summer while it lasts!




If I have time I will be linking with one or more of the fine people in this collection – check them out!

A wild mix by and of – me!

Photos (iPhone & DSLR), iPad & Photoshop drawing, LR edit

10 thoughts on “Blog on hold until further notice!”

  1. So glad you’re still around Claudia. And yes, I think most of us have those times where we just need a bit of a break and change. This twitch tv sounds interesting…
    your pencil portrait is really lovely-soft and delicate features.
    Thanks for visiting me- and I think you MUST make a trip to Dusseldorf whilst your daughter is there. And then you can tell ME all about it:):) Happy PPF!

  2. You always bring true art, beauty, life, humour, and perspective. I have missed you here, but I do understand. There are times that I just am too busy, too tired, or just feel introspected. I feel bad when I don’t blog, but we need to do it in our own individual way. Please keep in touch, though. We need more people like you in the world. Truly. Hugs.

  3. Claudia, I’ve enjoyed so much your words and your art, including photos of course. This connection has kept me informed and anchored with my Whippany family. Your philosophizing has articulated my own idea of life. I’ll miss the blog, but I do want to try the, and I might need help getting there. There is so much we must do on schedule in life that we need activities that we can choose when the spirit moves us. When that happens with your blog some day, I’ll be enthusiastic about logging on again. Meanwhile, hope to see you in person one day soon.


  4. Claudia,

    I’m with you. I love my blog too much to quit but a break is needed on occasion. This summer I’ve taken care of the pesky broken links and posts cleanups. I think I’ve gotten most of that job done until I stumble upon something I missed or the “Broken Links” plugin notifies me of more repairs to make. Enjoy your time away sketching, photographing, and relaxing! 🙂

  5. I feel so much the same. I may not post that much right now but I love it too much to completely let it go! IG is still my fave and I’ll definitely be in other social media as well. Enjoy the summer and your time on Twitch! xoxo


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