Blueberry Pie

BluIMG_1823eberry Pie – I have read about, I heard about and I even saw it in the bakery department of a supermarket. But I had actually never eaten one, much less made one. Which is kind of strange, because I love blueberries a lot, any kind of berries for that matter, and we eat them all the time in our Green Smoothies or in breakfast cereal. But blueberry pie? Never. Until one day out of the blue the thought crossed my mind – ‘why not make a blueberry pie?! But instead of blueberry pie we ended up having … pie i.e. vegetable, chicken, turkey, something pie. Very yummy and I love it, but so not sweet.

IMG_1825Then a few weeks later all of a sudden David mentioned… blueberry pie. Now, he certainly does have a bit of a sweet tooth, right, you wouldn’t know looking at him, but he does. However, he hardly ever, more like never asks for a cake. Or pie. Naturally that meant that I just had to make one. Checking the cabinets – flour, check – butter, check, blueberries – ch.. whoops, not so many. Got to go shopping. But I hate shopping, so what can I do. What else do we have, bananas, hmmmm. o.k. I am always good for trying something new and David is an exceptional good guinea-pig.

IMG_1827So, I quickly mixed and kneaded the pie dough and chilled it in the fridge while preparing the sugar, flour mix, washed (and dried) the blueberries and peeled and sliced a couple of bananas. I rolled out half of the dough and placed it in the pie form, covered it with banana slices and then filled it with the blueberries to the top – perfect! Then sprinkle the sugar, flour mix on it and top it with the other half of thinly rolled out IMG_1829dough. To let the hot steam escape from the inside of the pie, you have to cut some kind of holes in the top. To give it a nice color I glazed it with a little egg-substitute. And about 40 minutes or so later – et voila. My very first blueberry pie, served with whipped cream.


p.s. please don’t be so harsh on the photos. They were snapped in the spur of the moment with my phone 😉

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22 thoughts on “Blueberry Pie”

  1. That crust is to die for! My grandmother used to make blueberry pies with the criss-cross strips on the top, and it was the best thing I ever tasted. Thanks for the memories! 🙂

    • You know, I have tried so many different pie crust recipes and didn’t really find one I liked, to the point that I was thinking of buying a ready made one. But now, I am going with extra simple and it comes out – almost – perfect every time 🙂 I’m glad this post brought you good memories.

  2. yuuuuummy! This just looks so delicious. I love to bake, but rarely make pies. We have lots of blackberries growing nearby and are always looking for new ways to use them – I’m going to bake a pie. x

  3. These photos are stunning and makes me want to try a blueberry pie. You were very brave to add bananas. Well done! Thanks for leaving a comment on my Picture Perfect Party LInky. Enjoy your week ahead!


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