Brooklyn Bridge

coffeechatToday Les’ – Time out for Mom’s prompt for our Tuesday Coffee Chat is: We just had a long weekend holiday in Canada — where would you go if you had a 3 day weekend vacation — and money was no option?

Hmm, three days only?! That is pretty much a no-brainer: A city trip! And what is closer than… New York City! Seriously, three days is not long enough to travel extensively, since you don’t want to spend 1) time on a jetlag and 2) half or more than half of the time travelling. Unless, of course, travelling is the vacation. Now that I think of it – that might be an option, too, a railway trip maybe? But to go with my first thought, NYC is close, there is tons to see, to do and – to spend. Hahahaha – yep, how about for example a helicopter flight over and around the big apple? I would love to do that! Shows – how about some broadway shows? A great hotel is no problem, maybe even with an added spa?! And, dare I say, shopping… yep, that, too. So, that is New York City.

But there are other cities fairly close that I have not been to yet. Like Washington or Boston. Really Washington is where I want to go and spend a long weekend just walking around, taking in history and, of course, taking photos. One day…

But for today, since I cannot show you photos of places that I haven’t been to yet – duh – here are a few shots of Brooklyn Bridge to possibly wet your appetite to come and visit me to go on NYC trip together 🙂

Brooklyn BridgeBrooklyn BridgeBrooklyn BridgeBrooklyn Bridge

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10 thoughts on “Brooklyn Bridge”

  1. The Brooklyn Bridge has been on my photo bucket lists for quite awhile now! Such amazing shots. I need to hop on the train and get myself up there!

    • I know how you feel, Kathy. And honestly, it is crowded, touristy and – so worth it :)The best is really to walk over it just before sunset and then enjoy the colorful sky as a backdrop for New York’s skyline (incl. Lady Liberty) from the waterside park on the Brooklyn side of the East River.

  2. I haven’t been to NYC however your view of it makes me want to add it to my bucket list. Have been to Boston and Washington and would definitely go again.

    • Really?! I don’t know why, I really should know better, but somehow I always imagine it strange if an American had not been to NYC, but I did – does that make sense? 🙂 One day I’ll also see Boston on Washington…

  3. 3 days is not enough for me anymore. I have to have at least one day at home to wind down before heading back into the office. So it would have to be somewhere very close. There is plenty to see in Virginia though. Nice NY pics. I love the spyglass meter thingy. Cannot recall the name of them. I was a very little girl the last time I used on of those on the Skyline Drive.

    • I am absolutely with you, Debbi. I mean I will take 3 days any time, however, to go away, far away, I’d prefer longer. Hence, my city trip for 3 days only. Yes, Virginia – pretty close to DC, right?! 🙂 Don’t ask me what they call those things, I actually have another photo, that I took on the Outer Banks, of the same model ‘spyglass’…

  4. Amazing shots as always! really fond of that 2nd one.
    So since you are actually not that far from me – by plane at least (and not really by car either), a 3 day weekend trip in NYC is just about perfect. I love shows, I love sports, I love shopping. And pretzels. gotta have a pretzel.
    I would look so the tourist because I would be taking pictures of EVERYTHING! LOL
    which is exactly what I did over 20 years ago when I was there — and why I have an amazing shot of the twin towers framed on my living room wall.

    • You know that you could come over and visit any time, Les. And the NYC trip disguised as tourist – LOL – would be a must! That twin tower shot must be amazing – I never saw them 🙁

  5. Fantastic shots of the bridge. I would love to visit but yep, 3 days is to far to long a distance from here to there. I’d settle for a trip down the OR coast, much closer and I do love the ocean.


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