Bushkill Falls, Round Valley Reservoir

Bushkill Falls, Round Valley Reservoir: Day #2 of my nieces’ visit.

Bushkill Falls, PAWhile we vouched to get up somewhat earlier Sunday, we did not quite succeed. Jetlag and Bushkill Falls, PAgeneral business, activities the previous day got the better of us so that in the end we only hit the road around 11 am after another nice family breakfast. We went straight from here to Pennsylvania to visit Bushkill Falls. David had been there years ago and recommended it.  Since we wanted to go canoeing around the Delaware Water Gap we thought it a pretty good idea. And it was. The hike up and down all around the bigger and smaller falls was just gorgeous. O.k. the great weather really helped, too. While it was not all that warm, it was sunny and simply nice.  We actually got there early enough to be beat the big crowds, because when we left around 1.30 pm the parking lot had filled quite a bit.

After hiking around a little we went looking for a deli to get lunch on the go. We were thinking to have it while we were kayaking or having a break in between. However, we were out of luck. Bushkill Falls, PARound Valley ReservoirDespite the fact that we did look up the canoe rental and they opened yesterday, they failed to mention and we did not see it on their website that the last rental occurs at 2 pm. We got there at 2.20. So, no canoeing. Hence, we did the next best thing and had our sandwiches at the Delaware Water Gap, right on the banks of the Delaware where we could watch people land their canoes and fasten them to their cars to drive home.Round Valley Reservoir

Being a little early to simply drive home we were looking for something else to do. But neither David nor I know the area. Therefore we ended up taking a detour driving home, taking in lots of nice countryside and stopping at Spruce Run and at Round Valley Reservoir. David and I secretly checking them out for our future windsurfing endeavors. But in all reality, they are both real nice places and they are probably totally packed when it is a nice summer weekend. But the lakes are really nice.

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