Jockey Hollow, Arboretum Frelinghuysen

Jockey Hollow, Arboretum Frelinghuysen: Day #1 of my nieces’ visit.

They arrived very late on Friday so it was just natural that we slept in on Saturday and then started the day with a good and long breakfast. Afterwards we decided it was too late to go on a major trip, so we stayed somewhat local and went to see 1) Jockey Hollow 2) the Arboretum Frelinghuysen and afterwards went shopping so we could have dinner.

Jockey Hollow is one of the grounds of the American Revolutionary War and a  National Historical Park here in New Jersey. To be honest, there is not that much to see. There is the Wick House showing normal life in the 18th century, but we timed it bad and it was closed for lunch when we got there. They were working on the herb and vegetable garden, which should be very nice a little later in the year. Then we had a look at the soldiers’ log huts they re-build. But really they main thing, for us, was the wonderful nature in the park. Everything had just turned to fresh green and it looked beautiful.

After lunch in a ‘German’? pub, we stopped by the Arboretum Frelinghuysen, where Sonja, Sandra and I took a walk afterwards, while David, unfortunately, had to rest his foot. We explored the grounds a bit and had lots of photo opportunities. But these photos I will upload another time, since now I do not have the time to.

As for shopping – we had talked about Trader Joe’s before, because apparently there are some selected foods that Aldi imports from them into Germany. So, they were familiar with the brand, and since I go there for shopping a lot of time anyhow… Getting back from the little trip, we lounged on the couch and the two of them looked at things to do today and tomorrow (= NYC), while I downloaded my photos. After dinner we watched a movie that David selected. ‘One he loved as a kid’ – yep, we should have known, it was quite weird. And I don’t even know the title!


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